There is no question Covid has changed the dynamics of how and where people work. Many of us that were able to, worked from home for 2+ years. Many continue to work from home and others are adopting a hybrid model. There are mixed feelings among many Americans when it comes to the discussion of coming back to the office or continuing to work from home. While both sides have valid points, there is no question that this pandemic changed the way businesses interact with current and prospective employees. Many new employees require remote or hybrid work situations. It is believed that remote work and hybrid models will remain permanently as the struggle to find workers continues across the nation.

Many companies are encouraging while others are requiring their employees to report to the office. There have been reports across the country, that almost 25% of employees would rather quit their job than to report to the office every day. This should not be a shocking statistic. Employees know that they can find other opportunities that will allow them to work from home or at least a hybrid situation. For companies to be successful in bringing people back in to the office, they must provide an incentive. Yes, an incentive to get your own employees to come back to the office where they used to work back before the pandemic. Times are different and for employers to attract top talent, they must make changes whether they like it or not. Employers should provide a fun, exciting and motivating workplace, especially with the younger demographic. The younger demo prefers to have fun activities in the office and modern spaces. No longer can you have a big building with cube farms everywhere and expect to have motivated people coming back to the office each day. The bigger tech companies provide enough incentive that the employee won’t even need to leave the building until it is time to go home. These companies provide fully stocked kitchens with food provided, designated napping areas, pool tables, ping pong tables, movie rooms and so on. Now we don’t all have the budget to provide all those amenities to our employees but we do have the capacity to do some of those things. At the very least providing a modern and comfortable space in a popular location of town where employees are excited to attend. Maybe we don’t have the capacity to offer free food or a theater room but our office is close enough to shops and restaurants that employees always have good options.

Whatever the case may be, one thing remains important with all the changes that have happened over the last 2+ years. Many employees are happy to return to the office and get out of the house and interact with their co-workers. There is also an equal amount of employees that prefer to stay home at least a majority of the week. Whatever the case may be, companies have started to adapt to these changes in order to keep their current talent while attracting new talent. Make your office exciting and a place people want to come to every day. Make the space comfortable and modern and encourage employees to provide input on what will help them do their jobs better and make them more comfortable in the office. If your employees are able to do their jobs from home then it may be a good idea to allow them or at least 2-3 times per week. Changes take time and never comes easy but the professional world is very different than it used to be 3 years ago and as with any change, we must adapt in order to keep moving forward. Change is inevitable, how your business adapts to that change is what makes you the desired destination for top talent and customers.