The month of May has been a very busy month for the Sharetec team. With attendance in 3 shows with 1 more still to go, May is typically one of the busiest months for tradeshows and events. Team Sharetec has been flying and driving thousands of miles this month and working hard to have a strong representation at these shows in order to build stronger relationships with current clients while building new relationships with prospective clients.

So far in May, Sharetec has attended the Dakota Credit Union Association show, The Wisconsin Credit Union League, Mississippi Credit Union Association show and the Montana Credit Union Convention and Expo. To everyone who has attended and visited the Sharetec booth, we appreciate you stopping by to speak with us to learn more about Sharetec and to all of our current customers who took the time to stop by, thank you!

League shows are a great way for Sharetec to showcase and speak to credit union decision makers about our product and services, while having a little fun and relationship building with our current credit unions. Shows typically last anywhere between 1-3 days and are jammed packed with speakers, exhibits, entertainment and giveaways. Attendees include credit union staff from teller to CEO and board members. The main reason to attend these shows is to gain valuable knowledge about products and services available to help make the credit union more efficient and to help better serve members. New technology and services are introduced at these shows by vendors and it is also a great opportunity for vendors to showcase how they can integrate with other vendors at the show.

If you have attended league shows but never visited a Sharetec booth, you are missing out! Sharetec not only has great information to share regarding our product we also have many great items to give away. We also do a cash jar giveaway at every show. We have a container filled with cash on our table and attendees will guess how much they believe is in the container. The person that guesses the closest amount by the end of the show will walk away with all the cash! With more shows coming up including one in the Caribbean, Sharetec looks forward to connecting with current and new clients. We enjoy meeting new customers and explaining how Sharetec can help your credit union grow.

Check out Michael, Sharetec Account Relationship Manager, with our recent cash jar winner, Sherri Risher from Old South FCU.

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