Is your collections software and process outdated and cumbersome? Do your collections staff spend way too much time on simple tasks that could be automated for them? Welcome Rocket Collector - Sharetec’s collections software that allows credit unions to streamline and simplify their collections process while saving time and money. Not to mention increasing the speed and amount of debt collected. Do you have the following restrictions?

• Large volumes of cases and not enough staff to manage/complete work

• No way to prioritize workloads

• Working from long, static lists led to accounts being missed or bypassed

• Payment reconciliation taking up to three weeks, resulting in mounting arrears

• Delays threatening or issuing legal proceedings and duplicating work

• Debtors forming bad habits after not being promptly contacted after missing a payment

Rocket Collector addresses all of the above limitations plus more! Providing a 360 degree view of customer debt, Rocket Collector offers advanced functionality, automation and insight to dramatically increase efficiency and reduce costs versus traditional methods and manual processes. Additionally, the solution is well-suited for a variety of industries and organizations—including credit unions, banks, debt collection agencies, attorneys, financial services, loan servicers, telecom/utilities and local governments. Rocket Collector boasts the following key features:

• Proven track record

• Rapid implementation

• Reliability & security

• Flexibility

• Ease of use

• Exceptional support

• Excellent value

• Advanced functionality, automation & insight

• Integration with existing systems

• Well-suited for a variety of industries & organizations

To improve and simplify your collections process consider Rocket Collector. See how this large government agency improved their collections process by 30% utilizing Rocket Collector. A member of the accounting team from this government organization stated the following: “We have saved a huge amount of time as result of the new system, which I never envisaged we could achieve. It will more than pay for itself. My only regret is we didn’t get it years ago!”