Do you have to pull and combine several reports utilizing 2 or 3 different systems in order to see how your credit union is performing? Do you have difficulty finding trends and analyzing data? If this is you, you are not alone. Many credit unions around the country have a hard time accessing vital information regarding their business. Sharetec recognized this hurdle and introduced Dashboard 2.0.

Sharetec’s Dashboard 2.0 offers credit unions a unique and intuitive solution to reporting and is designed specifically for financial, lending, membership and transaction analysis. Sharetec Dashboard 2.0 helps credit unions dramatically reduce the time it takes to access vital data. Credit Unions can see the Trend analysis, ROA, Loan to Share, Deposit and Loan breakdown, daily, on a desktop, tablet or mobile phone.

Daryl Empen. President of Gas & Electric Credit Union, comments, “The lending dashboard has been especially useful to our lending staff. They can filter the delinquent loan report by loan officer, balance, loan type, or any way they want to quickly see who may need attention. They can view loan origination by officer to see where our growth is coming from and to monitor trends in our loan origination.”

Credit unions can also see where members’ residence is concentrated and what products they are using, as well as the age breakdown of entire membership. Daryl has also expressed how the credit union has been able to modify some reports, adding fields that are important to them for a particular report or graph, to make the product even more useful for them. “Sharetec Dashboard 2.0 has eased our workload and given us more tools to be able to judge our financial performance quickly and easily. I recommend every credit union utilize this product.” Daryl also adds, “I love the ability to see a snapshot of our financials quickly every morning—whether it’s growth in assets, shares, loans, or net worth, our delinquent loans, membership growth or any number of areas. Whether you’re a visual person or analytical, Sharetec Dashboard 2.0 makes it easy to see and decipher changes and trends, with minimal effort.”

Matt Isger, Regional Director for Sharetec, comments, “Credit union management has responded really well to the graphical representation of their data. From the lending department to the number of transactions by branch, it has been so helpful. Board members also provided feedback that the dashboards have made the data much easier to analyze and understand.”

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