Wouldn’t it be nice to effectively facilitate your credit union staff’s training in familiar territory - for instance, in the comfort of your own “CU home?” Thankfully, Sharetec’s
Training Database feature brings new meaning to the words “home sweet home” by enabling you and your employees the option of convenient in-house training.

As one of Sharetec’s innovative features, the system comes equipped with a secondary database - a mirror of your credit union’s live database. This allows your staff to learn and explore the system at their own pace, and in their own familiar environment. Employees can easily acquaint themselves with the “in’s and out’s” of the Sharetec system while utilizing the virtual copy of your database as a learning tool.

It’s “home sweet home” for Sharetec credit unions as this handy setup provides a comfortable, safe, secure and effective way to train new staff members. What’s more, experienced staff can also use the Training Database to cross-train in the environment that they are most accustomed to - their day-to-day workplace. With Sharetec’s Training Database, home is definitely where the heart is - as well as successful in-house training!