Most credit unions are certainly accustomed to the requirements of government reporting—and are especially familiar with the aggravations brought on by these tasks. Assembling all of the necessary paperwork and meeting the strict deadlines can be challenging to say the least, not to mention extremely time-consuming. The busywork typically has a way of taking valuable time away from staff, who are trying their best to offer consistent and exceptional service to members.  

Fortunately, Sharetec offers a Government Reporting solution that can eliminate those problems, allowing you and your staff to complete these reporting tasks without the usual headaches and time consumption. Sharetec’s Government Reporting filing service ensures that all of the necessary forms are sent directly to your members, and then electronically files them with the government. Such auto-reporting means that you don’t have to lift a finger! What’s more, the solution does a superb job of handling multiple types of forms including 1099-div, 5498, 1099-c and 1098.

As with all of Sharetec’s invaluable features, the Government Reporting solution truly brings the technology of simplicity to life. And such simplicity will undoubtedly help credit unions devote more time to achieving key goals—such as improving member service and growing its membership to new heights.