FraudAlertsCat GBS

It is always better to be safe than sorry - and to feel securely wrapped in layers of protection! Sharetec’s Fraud Alerts makes all of this possible! The feature promptly notifies you if a fraudulent situation is revealed during a member search, transaction, new member enrollment, new share or loan opening or batch posting. And the system is adjustable to mold your exact level of need.

An additional layer of security is added for members on active duty and members who have been deemed as fraud suspects in the past. In the event of a change of address, any suspicious activity will be reported to both members and your credit union staff. Additionally, a change of address notice will be automatically sent to the original mailing address to verify changes.

For added peace of mind, Sharetec Fraud Alerts is also linked to FinCen, OFAC and EFunds files to ensure that qualifying member records are appropriately flagged. 

Some of the different types of Fraud Alerts include:

   ·  Duplicate Data Alerts – Uncovers suspicious duplications such as member matches with the same birth date, cell/home phone, address, social security number and more   

   ·  Activity Alerts – Notifies on changes in home/email addresses, cell phone numbers and home banking logins/passwords; also alerts you on the number of withdrawals made at different locations or against insufficient funds/deposits, any previously denied loan applications and much more

   ·  Invalid Data Alerts – Alerts you on expired driver’s licenses and flags invalid addresses and identities

Give your members those extra layers of protection with Sharetec’s Fraud Alerts. You’ll be helping them rest easier as they enjoy a more safe and secure banking experience.