Training key

Sharetec offers a comprehensive training system that is built to fit each credit union in the most efficient way possible. Lifelong learning is one of the best ways to grow and Sharetec believes this is equally true for making the most out of all Sharetec has to offer. Credit union staff needs to be trained properly to take advantage of each product and service that is provided.

Many Sharetec CUs like Members First CU, Natco CU, Memorial Health CU, and Avestar CU have had great success with Sharetec's Free Ongoing Training. To read about their success, click here.

Keane Kulak, Regional Director for Sharetec, comments, "There is so much to learn and so many different things Sharetec offers that will help our credit unions succeed, and we want to provide them with the opportunity to get the most out of their investment.”