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With Sharetec’s Automated Processing you can automatically transfer and post files
like ACH, Share Draft, ATM Debit, OFAC, ACH and Share Draft Returns, FIDM, Bill Pay, Statements, and Positive Balance. Employees can focus on managing member relationships, and as a result, the processing power of your credit union will increase greatly. You will never have to download, upload or post a transmission file again.

 * No more redundant delays
 * Streamline daily operations
 * Less fees, more opportunity
 * Save time and money

Sharetec’s Automated Processing will simplify your daily tasks, allowing you more time for your members.Sharetec’s Automated Processing is one of our most popular products. It allows you to serve your members more efficiently because your time will be freed up from tasks you have to do manually today. Happy members plus a happy staff - everyone wins.

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