Your Credit Union members are being pitched by your competitors each and every week. Such fierce competition makes it more important than ever to know your members’ needs and to be aware of every sales opportunity. Yet short of a cold pitch, how can your employees successfully reach out to your members to make the sale? And how will they even know which members qualify for a particular product or service?

Sharetec’s Cross Selling feature can help your Credit Union rise above the competition and secure additional sales from your existing members. Sharetec simplifies the Cross Selling process by enabling staff to easily explain the products and services that you want to promote to qualifying members. When a member meets all of the predetermined criteria to qualify for a certain product or service, a Cross Selling window appears on the screen, alerting your staff of the opportunity. The Cross Selling prompt provides the employee with a customized script to follow, so there’s never any doubt as to what to say. Your staff will appreciate the ease of Cross Selling, and those compensated for their sales will enjoy the system’s trouble-free tracking feature. Sharetec carefully keeps track of each sale and promotion by user, so employees are sure to reap the rewards at bonus time.

Stop missing opportunities and increase your ROI with Sharetec’s smart and efficient Cross Selling solution. Your staff will be poised and empowered to take advantage of every Cross Selling opportunity, which can lead the way to increased sales and greater success for your Credit Union.