We all realize how difficult it can be to commit to a regimented savings plan. Yet Sharetec’s Save the Change account feature provides an easy way for your Credit Union members to accumulate a modest savings—even those members who find it challenging to save money on a regular basis.

The premise behind Save the Change is simple: your members’ debit card transactions are rounded up to the nearest dollar and the difference is securely deposited into a designated savings account. Members can opt to have funds deposited into their own savings account or into another member's account, such as a child or grandchild. Eligibility only requires the member to have a checking account, a debit card set up to make purchases, and a savings account.

Sharetec’s Save the Change feature is popular with members as it helps them build their savings effortlessly and incrementally, without having to make larger, lump-sum deposits. Plus, most members claim that they don’t even miss the extra change, so saving money becomes less painful as they save for that rainy day.

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