Since the surge and success of online banking, many credit unions have realized how challenging it can be to preserve that all-important employee-member relationship. And most have struggled with how to maintain customer relationships while keeping, and even boosting, their competitive edge.

With Sharetec’s Target Marketing solution, credit unions can meet those challenges head-on by delivering tailored messages that are designed to reach the appropriate members at the right time.

The Sharetec Target Marketing solution is a personalized online customer experience that involves analyzing each transaction a member makes to pinpoint his or her activities, hobbies, life events and credit union product mix. Each transaction is assigned a tag called a Key Lifestyle Indicator (KLI). Based upon the member’s uniquely defined combination of KLIs, he or she is presented with a selection of qualified credit union offers that match those specific interests and needs. Such personalized target marketing results in increased product penetration, which can translate to a higher success rate for you—thanks to a marketing approach that takes aim at your business challenges and your members’ diverse needs.