Sharetec’s Document Manager
lets you store member documents safely in electronic folders and takes forms handling and storage to a new level inside the core. No longer does the credit union have to be concerned with maintaining expensive filing systems to store member documents. The days of huge filing cabinets and storage areas with hundreds of boxes of documents are gone forever.

Document Manager
Stores all forms related to your members electronically, including the following:

  • Loan Applications
  • Credit Reports
  • Membership Cards
  • Share Draft Agreements

The Benefits
Your employees have access to all necessary documentation without leaving the core! Simply select the member number and all of the documents for that member are accessed from one location in the system. No more searching for loan folders or membership cards, everything is now at your fingertips.

  • Saves the expense of off-site storage
  • Provides immediate access to documents
  • Eliminates the need to make multiple copies of documents for different departments
  • Reduces the amount of time spent filing documentation
  • Copies of the signed document can be reprinted immediately
  • Centralizes member documentation into one convenient location