Sharetec System has provided Credit Union Clients with multiple solutions to help them streamline the process of managing paper. The two main solutions we have offered have been Document Conversion Services, as well as the FileBound Content Management Solution.

Document Conversion Services has helped Credit Unions deal with the ongoing issues related to storage space, disaster recovery, and compliance, as well as lost files/documents. Many Credit Unions do not have the infrastructure to digitize their many filing cabinets and boxes of historical and active Client files themselves. They have turned to GBS. GBS has performed these functions for 40-60% less cost than if the organization did it themselves. Once those services have been completed, GBS has created an export file where the data was imported into the Sharetec System. The advantage to the Credit Union is that all the scanned member documents are now easily accessible through the software. This brings significant improvements with compliance initiatives, customer service and process efficiencies, as well as a disaster recovery solution that many organizations are struggling to implement.

Credit Unions have also struggled to find an effective way to manage their non-member documents, including documents related to accounts payable, human resources, board meetings, and more. The FileBound Software has helped customers create a more efficient way of managing that content by: one, creating that disaster recovery solution and protecting those critical documents; two, allowing the sharing of information in a secure manner with others in or out of the organization who have a legitimate need to see the documents; and third, giving them the ability to have quick and easy access to information right from their desktops. Although these documents are not directly related to Credit Union members, these documents are just as critical for the success of the organization.