As we have shared before, one of the biggest things that set Sharetec apart are the many highly endorsed integrations and customizations available. Sharetec partners with over 50 vendors to provide services that your credit union can use to provide improved member-facing experiences. Sharetec offers tools and features that members demand and require their financial institution to have.

One of the many important things a credit union focuses on is growing loan applications and funding. One very valuable and useful system is SavvyMoney. Sharetec’s partners and integrates with SavvyMoney, a fin-tech industry innovator and provider of credit score and other related financial solutions for every online and mobile banking platform, providing comprehensive credit score analysis, full credit reporting, monitoring, and personalized offers. SavvyMoney is able to provide all of these solutions in one easy-to-use dashboard with no added fees. The SavvyMoney solution provides users access to money-saving pre-qualified loan offers based on their credit score, at the same time creating real-time targeted marketing lists for credit unions.

To provide an example of SavvyMoney’s success we want to look at Scott & White Employees Credit Union (SWECU), located in Temple, TX. This credit union needed to increase their loan applications and loan funding totals. SWECU implemented SavvyMoney Credit Scoring app, through the Sharetec platform and saw tremendous results. The results included a 13% increase in member enrollment within 6 months, 87 loans booked for over $1.6 Million, and increased engagement in online and mobile banking.

Celeste Kaylor, President/CEO of SWECU comments. “We had a total of 554 members of our 4,376 members enroll in the product. In the first 6 months, we received 115 applications with 87 booked applications totaling $1,681,081.30. We have 9 applications pending for $168,559 and 3 mortgage/home equity loans to close within the next 30 days for $203,500.00. SWECU is very pleased with the product and we have seen great successes! We have implemented marketing tools and promotional offers which have increased our loan application and loan funding totals.”

JB Orecchia, President and CEO of SavvyMoney, said, “We are thrilled that Scott & White Employees Credit Union is seeing great results from our credit score product. Not only are they empowering their members to improve their financial lives through awareness and a better understanding of their credit score but they are also able to grow their relationship with members by highlighting credit union loans that save members’ money. A win-win for the member and the credit union!”

With SavvyMoney, your members will have instant access to their credit score, credit report, personalized money-saving offers, and financial education tips on how to improve their scores. Deborah Resavage, VP of sales for Sharetec, comments, “We couldn’t be more pleased with the successful partnership that we have with SavvyMoney. This partnership provides our customers with best-in-class service and real results!”
To read the full case study, click here.

Website Rebuild

As Sharetec takes on the project of updating its own website, I believe it is fitting to talk a little bit about websites. Now I am not going to waste anyone’s time by explaining why your institution needs to have a website. What I am going to talk about today is the importance of a well-built website that is updated at least every 3-4 years. Not only does this improve your image but it also ensures you are following all the latest security guidelines and updating to meet all the browser changes that happen. Your website is your virtual front porch (I am sure you have heard that before) but that is exactly what it is. Your website is often the first impression or meeting a potential member has with your institution. This is not always the case but in many cases, it is, especially with the younger demographic that is only interested in what they are able to do without walking into a physical branch. If this virtual front porch for your business looks attractive, then the potential member may want to walk in. On the other hand, if this virtual front porch is hard to navigate or not very attractive or modern then the potential member may keep walking to the next porch that may look a lot better. This is true in any other aspect of life. For example, we tend to eat food that looks and smells good. We typically do not want to eat something that smells or looks bad, since it will most likely not taste very well. I do not want to get too sidetracked, but you get the point.

Now let’s get into some details about websites. I hate to have to say this but first and foremost, your website should be responsive. This means your website should adapt (correctly) to any website browser on any screen size of any device. The person navigating through your site should have the same exact experience no matter what device they use. Again, I shouldn’t really have to say this is a must-have in 2022 but believe me, there are websites out there that still are not responsive and some of these websites are credit union websites I’ve visited.

Outside of the basics, your website should perform a few clear tasks. One would be to act as an information center for your members. These are things such as hours, locations, routing numbers, and other high-level information members should have access to without needing to call the CU branch. It should also provide important information to help new potential members that are interested in joining. This could be things such as online applications and requirements. Another would be to serve as your marketing hub. Any new products or rates or promotions should be front and center on your website for all members and prospective members to see. Another part of the website should be member services which would be online services such as HB/MB and any documents your members should have access to, whether for loans or other CU services. These are the bare minimum requirements that your members and prospective members expect you to have. There are certainly other advanced or customized features that can make your website a better overall experience. Social media links, chat feature (we have a blog post about the importance of chat on websites), and special effects that set your website apart from all the average Joe websites that are out there.

I hope by now you understand why websites are so important for any type of business, especially ones that deal with money and people’s finances. Not only do members expect an easy-to-use modern online banking experience, but they also want the added security and the sense of security. If a CU has an outdated website, there is an immediate assumption that the technology and security are also outdated and that will be a huge turn-off for not only a new member looking to join your institution but also current members that may not feel as comfortable. It is important to pay attention to your virtual front porch and keep it nice and tidy because, in this highly competitive and dynamic space, first impressions are more important than ever before.


On this Monday, we are going to look at what a few of the over 280 credit unions that use Sharetec, have to say. Every quarter we send out a quick survey to our credit union partners and ask for feedback to help make us better. We received so much positive feedback this quarter that it was important to share some of the comments.

  • “We love you guys!” 
  • “Simple amazing, simply amazing. In the day and age where you rarely get to talk with a live person answering the phone, where you struggle to get someone to call you back, and seemingly all call centers are overseas, it is an absolute joy to work with a Midwestern company who operates as we do – in a fashion that the customer is still top priority – serve them fast, serve them well! Thank you!” 
  • “LOVE working with this company!!! VERY helpful no matter what my questions or issues I’m having and gets the job done in a timely matter!!!”

These are just some of the positive feedback we have received this quarter. While it is great to see such positive comments, we understand that things come up and issues arise and the team at Sharetec works extremely hard in order to address all matters quickly and efficiently. We exist because of our credit union partners and our top and only priority is to serve you and serve you well. We understand that as you grow, we grow and we continue to invest time and resources in areas that we need to improve. This is the reason why we send out this survey each quarter, to better understand where we need to improve.

We also would like to take some time and thank all of our valued partners. Again, we exist because of you all and one of the core values that we work by each and every day is, make something better, today. Every single team member at Sharetec lives by this value and if there is anything we can do today to make things better we do it. We never stop improving and we are always pushing for a better and faster option. This is not only a value but also a promise to all of our partners. Over the past 18 months, Sharetec has invested a large amount of time and resources into improving our infrastructure and our processes. We have added key personnel to every single department and continue to do so. We make a promise to all of our credit unions that we are here to help you grow and thrive in this very competitive and dynamic industry. You work hard to serve the members of your community and it is our job to provide the technology, resources, and support to make that possible while being as invisible as possible to your members.

We also want to thank everyone who took the time to take part in our survey. All of your feedback is now in front of our team and we are already working towards ways to improve. We hope to receive even better results from our Q3 survey!


Building and maintaining a strong membership is without a doubt one of the most important things a credit union focuses on. Not only is it a way to succeed in an extremely competitive and dynamic financial sector but it is also a way for members to succeed in their financial journey. One challenge is the climbing average age of most credit union members. It is critical that credit unions offer the right tools that not only aim to attract the new, younger demo, but also serve current members that will have completely different needs. Not only do new products effect members but they also effect the credit union staff who need to become fully trained and experts in the product in order to market to and serve the members. The goal is always to exceed the expectation of members while assessing what level of effort it takes on the staff and the credit union as a whole.

One example of providing the right tools is the case of Matagorda County Credit Union (MCCU) which was suffering from stagnant membership and revenue growth. Sharetec was able to introduce reporting tools and member-facing features allowing MCCU to capture untapped customer bases, effectively addressing their most critical challenges. Too often credit unions fail to properly look at and analyze their reporting and many cores do not have the capability to provide such intelligent reports to show the credit union where it can grow. Since 2015, MCCU has grown its total assets by 16% and net income by 83%. They have done this by assessing their members’ needs as well as understanding what would attract new members using the data in their Sharetec Core system. MCCU continues to grow by utilizing Sharetec’s tools and features to promote the right products to their membership. Making intelligent decisions while looking at your data provided by your core can make the difference between a growing membership base and a failing base.

In addition to having access to data, being able to see it and make decisions quickly is also important and can lead to the membership growth that MCCU experienced.  The Sharetec reporting tools played a key role in the growth at MCCU when a few years ago, a new highly specialized manufacturing company opened nearby. As new managers and engineers moved to the area to support the company’s growth, it included a wave of transplanted employees who were young professionals that needed financial services for their families in unfamiliar surroundings. MCCU reached out to them and was able to supply the products and services they were most interested in because they had done the analysis in advance for their region and understood what services were missing.  Now both existing and new members that bring a younger demographic have gained financial tools with incredible member service and the credit union is able to see significant growth.

If you aren’t utilizing your data in the most efficient and useful way or if your current core is not providing the tools necessary for your to evolve and grow then it may be time to reach out to Sharetec and see why so many credit unions are making the change. Sharetec evolves as you do and provides the tools you need before you even know you need them. That is what you should expect from a true core partner.

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Debit Card Round-Up

One of the things we hear all the time when talking with credit unions is that they would like to increase their debit card usage. The hope with offering a debit card to a member is that they will generate interchange income for the institution. Recently, we have seen a trend in increased debit card usage because with more uncertain times, members tend to want to keep a closer eye on their finances, and having access to real-time usage and balances is important. Using a credit card creates a sense of worry for some members as that money is not reflected in real-time in their account and is something that will be deducted when the credit card statement is paid.

An important note that we have noticed here at Sharetec is the fact that all credit unions offer a debit card but not all of them offer enough education or resources to show the members all the benefits they have available. One feature that we really try to promote to all of our credit union partners is the Debit Card Round-Up Program. This program promotes savings for your members. When your member makes a purchase (say a $3.78 coffee). Sharetec rounds the transaction up to the nearest dollar ($4.00 in this case) and deposits the extra change ($0.22) into the member’s savings account. This provides added savings for a member without any extra effort. Most members do not have a problem rounding up cents after each debit card purchase and after a period of time, they will notice their savings account growing without having to invest lump sums of money. These are everyday purchases that help grow members’ accounts. I would think some of your members would be interested in such a program if they knew it was something the credit union offered.

One credit union that is taking advantage of the Debit Card Round-Up Program is Landmark Credit Union located in Danville, IL. Landmark Credit Union currently serves over 10,000 members with assets above $102M. Landmark Credit Union wanted to offer their members more ways to save. They cross-sell Debit Card Round-Up to members to increase share draft account enrollment. Some of the benefits include:

  • Keeping CU top of mind
  • Satisfied members
  • Convenient for members to save money
  • Encourages debit card transactions

Landmark Credit Union has been promoting the program on their website and through posters. They also offer the program simply through their debit card application. Anna Melecosky, VP of Landmark Credit Union, remarks, “We have a simple statement on our debit card application that allows our members to select the program when applying for a new debit card. This gives us the opportunity to cross-sell this option to our members, offering them complete control of their money that is being transferred to the account. With 16% of our share draft accounts currently enrolled, members are amazed how quickly their account grows!”

“With Sharetec Debit Card Round-Up Program, members can increase their savings with each debit card transaction. Members can save without having to do anything! They can sit back and watch their bank account grow. It’s simple and easy, exactly what members want,” comments Matt Isger, Regional Director for Sharetec.

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