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January 18, 2022 - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

LINO LAKES, MN – Sharetec System, one of the fastest growing core systems offering the technology of simplicity, announces Sharetec earns highest ever customer satisfaction score for 2021.

Dedicated to providing excellent support to clients, Sharetec started tracking customer satisfaction scores back in 2008, and in the 13 years that followed, none of the years have ranked higher than this past year, 2021. With an outstanding score for 2021, receiving a 9.37 out of a possible 10, Sharetec continues to offer credit unions great service and products that benefit both the staff and members.

CEO of $137 million Natco Credit Union, Cindy Duke, comments, “Our team feels the service and support has improved in the past year, and are excited about all the positive changes we see.”

Vice President/Controller of $161 million AIM Credit Union, Katie Lange, adds, “We have seen and experienced firsthand an improvement in service and support over the past year. It has helped to build confidence in our partnership.”

Regional Director for Sharetec, Matt Isger, comments, “There are a lot of great core systems out there but we thrive on delivering an ROI that has proven success for our credit unions and are determined to deliver the best service possible. Our customers see the results of our dedicated staff and get timely resolutions to their needs. We are thrilled to see such great results for 2021 and proud of what our team delivers each and every day!”

About Sharetec
Sharetec, a provider of both service center and in-house core software solutions, delivers a return on investment (ROI), builds income streams and lowers operating expenses for over 250 credit unions. Since its establishment in 1993, Sharetec has grown steadily, welcoming over 50 new credit union clients in the past 3 years.

Matt Isger
Regional Director
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