September 26, 2019 - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

LINO LAKES, MN – Sharetec System, one of the fastest growing core systems offering the technology of simplicity, reports that their annual Sharetec Users Conference, which took place at Disney’s Yacht & Beach Club Resorts in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, on September 15-18, 2019, was a tremendous success. With attendance reaching staggering numbers, the conference presented an excellent opportunity for participating credit unions to gain invaluable knowledge, networking and motivation.

Engagement among participants was at an all-time high as Sharetec credit unions took advantage of numerous conference opportunities. Networking with other Sharetec users and meeting the Sharetec support team were well received, as were the informative workshops designed for maximum benefit. This year, credit union representatives attended sessions that addressed a wide range of key topics, including the Benefits of Cross-Selling, IT Tips and Troubleshooting, Getting the Most Out of Sharetec’s e-Services and Custom Financials. Additionally, attendees had an opportunity to meet various business partners and knowledgeable speakers, who provided insight on how to implement solid business strategies and increase membership.

As a participant at the 2019 event, Stacey Heiser, Corry Federal Credit Union, stresses that she regularly looks forward to attending the Sharetec Users Conference for its many benefits and opportunities. “I always gain new information on what our system can do,” she remarks. “I also appreciated the time to network with other credit union staffI made some good contacts to take back with me. I’m really excited to see what is next with the Sharetec Version 10 that is in the works. Thank you, Sharetec, for an enjoyable and informative conference!”

Another highlight of the conference was Guest Speaker Louie Gravance’s presentation, “You have to do what you DON’T have to do, in order to win.” Through his speaking and consulting skills, Mr. Gravance is renowned for literally changing the consciousness of business in America. Conference participants were thrilled to attend his motivational session which focused on topics relevant to the credit union industry, such as providing excellence in customer service.

According to Joe Calabria, VP, FileBound, the Sharetec Conference never fails to offer a wealth of opportunities for both credit unions and Sharetec business partners alike. “FileBound is always pleased to be on hand to demonstrate how our document and workflow automation solution, utilized for both member and non-member-related documents, can assist credit unions with improving their processes,” states Joe. “So as attendees learn more about Sharetec’s advanced features and capabilities, they can also discover complementary solutions such as FileBound which can further enhance their success. As a business partner, I always enjoy learning more about the industry and mingling with Sharetec users, all within a highly charged learning and networking environment.”

One of Sharetec’s primary goals is to provide an outstanding annual conference that empowers our users with fresh knowledge and motivation. According to Courtney Bowlin, Sharetec’s Conference Coordinator, this year’s event exceeded its objectives. “Our incredible attendance numbers and high engagement make 2019 a year to remember,” notes Courtney. “Each Sharetec conference is unique, from location to content and everything in-between. For me, the highlight of the conference is seeing the event unfold and all of the carefully planned pieces fall into place. It is extremely gratifying to see our attendees enjoying the event and excited to return to their credit unions with new ideas and newly acquired knowledge about their Sharetec systems.”

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Sharetec, a provider of both in-house and service bureau core solutions, has delivered an ROI, building income streams and lowering operating expenses to over 250 credit unions. Sharetec has grown 67% since 2000.

Courtney Bowlin
Conference Coordinator
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