White label your own online tool

Through partnerships with Geezeo and MoneyDesktop, we provide Personal Financial Management (PFM) capabilities. By utilizing account aggregation, members can create budgets, set financial goals and manage cash flow while viewing all financial data on a single screen. All of these features can be included in a white label (credit union branded) product, ensuring your members never need to connect with another financial institution for information.

Stay competitive
With account aggregation, member accounts from other financial institutions can be displayed. The included Engagement Banking Platform takes member’s financial profiles, collected data and behavior into consideration, making it easy for you present the most appropriate options. Records from more than 18,000 financial institutions can be gathered and leveraged.

Online simplicity
Your members will value the convenience of handling their financial relationships in a one-stop setting. PFM helps you make money management simple while offering the tools your members need.

The tools your members need to succeed
Access to PFM tools such as budgeting, goal management and cash flow provides advantages to your members that few competitors can offer. PFM positions your credit union as an empower and advocate for success.