Nashville 2022

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Marketing for Growth 101

In Marketing for Growth 101 attendees will learn how their credit unions can achieve aggressive growth by increasing and optimizing current strategy as well as explore new tactics to promote their credit union and grow membership, especially in the younger demographic, while maintaining current members. This session will also cover how credit unions can achieve growth through both inbound and outbound marketing strategies. Presenter, Farbod Salman, will explain and give examples of proven methods for growth including case studies of successful credit unions around the country.  Attendees will leave this session with actionable ideas that can be put into practice right away.  

Presenter: Farbod Salman, Director of Marketing, Sharetec

Recruit Rockstar Candidates for Your CU

By hiring the wrong person, you run the risk of poisoning company culture, destroying morale, and dropping employee retention rates through the floor. Join us as we go step by step through the recruiting process and discuss action-oriented strategies for aiding your recruitment efforts. 

Attendees will learn:

  • How to create job ads that attract quality candidates
  • The fine art of résumé reviews and phone screens
  • Interview strategies to identify the candidate’s technical skills and competencies
  • Red flags that shouldn’t be ignored

You are sure to gain a new perspective for viewing candidates, have a few laughs, and learn tangible practices sure to elevate your recruiting process to levels you didn’t even know existed.

Presenter: Nick Metel, Recruiter, Sharetec

The Age of Convenience: Understanding and leveraging the features and advantages of HB/MB 2.0

There’s much more to Sharetec’s Online and Mobile Banking 2.0 than 24/7 access.  In The Age of Convenience, attendees will learn how to leverage the power of Sharetec’s Online and Mobile banking to increase member satisfaction and promote credit union offers while simultaneously increasing wallet share.  Attendees will learn how to create and add promotional images within the system to better market CU offerings as well as gain the knowledge to help members become experts when using 2.0 either at home or on the go.  

Presenter: Darla McElroy, Senior Customer Service Representative, Sharetec

Y’all Need a (Income) Boost?  100% Yes!

Sharetec is chock full of tools to help maximize your credit union’s potential for success.  In this session, participants will learn how to boost ancillary loan income while helping members choose the loan options that best fit their budget.  Presenter Kari Rager will teach participants how to confidently use both the GUI loan calculator and V10 loan application to consistently present available loan options to members while boosting the CU's bottom line with increased non-interest income.

Presenter: Kari Rager, Implementation Coordinator, Sharetec

V10 Member Application 

Are you curious to learn how the V10 Member Application differs from GUI?  Join presenter Sarah Guappone as she presents a V10 Member Application quick take.  In this 30 minute quick take session attendees will see the V10 Member Application process demonstrated for both personal and business accounts and see firsthand improved features such as SSN search, OFAC check, simplified navigation, and more.  Get ready to streamline your member application processes.  

Presenter: Sarah Guappone, Senior Project Manager, Sharetec

Super Size My CU

Super Size My CU is an opportunity for leaders of small, medium, and large credit unions to compare their current business approach and benchmark it against a larger successful credit union specifically in the areas of governance, succession planning, tech investment, delivery channels, and branch of the future.  Note: Success is not one size fits all.  Join the Super Size My CU class that fits your credit union.  Each Super Size My CU session is offered one time only!

Super Size - Small to Medium

This session will focus on credit unions with assets less than $50M looking to secure their future through proper succession planning, the right focus and priorities in technology, and ideal delivery channels. 

Super Size - Medium to Large

This session will focus on credit unions with assets from $50M-$125M looking to secure their future through proper succession planning, the right focus and priorities in technology, and ideal delivery channels. 

Super Size - Large to $1B  

This session will focus on credit unions with assets greater than $125M looking to secure their future through proper succession planning, the right focus and priorities in technology, and ideal delivery channels. 

Presenter: Jay Malcolm, Regional Sales Director, Sharetec

Balancing Act: Debit Cards  

Exhausted by the daily debit card balancing act? Variances have you in a vice grip?  In Balancing Act: Debit Cards presenter Caitlin Forehand is ready to provide you with tips and tricks to help relieve your debit card balancing woes.  Attendees will learn to balance real-time debit cards, use vendor reports and Sharetec queries to their advantage, and discover ways to efficiently customize their CU’s balancing process.  

Presenter: Caitlin Forehand, Implementation Specialist, Sharetec

Results Reports for Beginner and Intermediate Users

Does the thought of creating a Results report instantly ignite your fight or flight response?  Have no fear, Results expert Ted Hoover is here!  Join Ted as he presents Results Reports for Beginner and Intermediate Users.  In this session, attendees will learn to create customized reports and how to schedule them to run with EOD and EOM, as well as how to export a Results report file into Excel. 

Presenter: Ted Hoover, Account Executive, Sharetec

Sharetec Tips & Tricks

This Sharetec Users Conference attendee favorite is back by popular demand!  In this session, presenter Ted Hoover unlocks his vault of Sharetec tips & tricks to help you work smarter, not harder.  Session content spans across all Sharetec workspaces.  

Presenter: Ted Hoover, Account Executive, Sharetec

Interactive Dashboards

Would you like to see your credit union key indicators at a glance just like the dashboard in your car?  Do you want to know which share types or loan types constituted growth?  Are you interested in seeing a loan growth comparison by month year to year?  Are you curious if all loan officers are equally productive or if some are more productive than others?  Do you want to quickly see how many transactions are done in a day, a month or even a year by an employee, branch, or the credit union?  If you answered yes to any of these questions then Dashboards is for you!  In this session Dashboards 2.0 will showcase the interactive dashboards powered by Microsoft PowerBI and provide you with data like never before.  Note: This session is only offered twice.  

Presenter: Kabir Laiwalla, CEO, Platinum FCU

Succession Planning

Credit union leaders are faced with challenges ranging from ever changing technology to board leadership and engagement.  Join Joey Minton, member of the 2022 CUNA Small Credit Union Committee, as he teaches the ins and outs of succession planning.  Big or small, succession planning is important for all!  

Presenter: Joey Minton, CFO, Eagle Express FCU

Using the Core to Build a Marketing Campaign

How do you know when a member qualifies for your monthly loan special?  Do they have a loan at a competing financial institution?  If their email is in Sharetec, why are you still mailing them a paper statement instead of uploading an e-statement?  There’s a treasure trove of data in your core system, learn how to capitalize on it using Sharetec’s metrics, cross selling and ACH Explorer module!  Learn how to target qualified members with very specific promotional messages and make it easy for your team to reinforce these messages when members present at the teller window.  You’ll be amazed at how simple these programs are and how much they help increase revenue and decrease expenses.  The best part is, you’ve already got the tools necessary to do it!

Presenters: Harold Crabill & Stephen Bentley, Regional Sales, Sharetec

Breakout Sessions

The Perfect Storm sponsored by SHAZAM

The Pandemic initiated the perfect storm for fraudsters.  Criminal activity affecting financial institutions has flourished.  These activities range from counterfeit currency and check fraud, to elder fraud, student fraud and crimes targeting ATMs.  Join veteran law enforcement professional and Senior Robbery and Crisis Management Consultant Michael Burke as he identifies trending criminal activities and considerations to help your credit union staff and members become storm spotters. *This is a one-time only session.

Presenter: Michael Burke

The Power of Real-Time Payments—Re-inventing Bill Pay sponsored by Allied Payment Network

Consumers have high expectations when it comes to digital payments, and their desire for “now” fuels demand and innovation. Real-time technology allows members to make instant payments with immediate confirmation—among other features—that help support financial wellness, transform the payments experience, and strengthen member relationships. This session explains how your credit union can cost-effectively transform your payments capabilities to support a wide range of payments needs by capitalizing on real-time technology.

  • Evolution and Benefits of Real-Time Payments (RTP)
  • Additional (even profitable!) use cases for RTP beyond Bill Pay
  • The technology behind RTP—the platform matters 

Presenter: Geoffrey Knapp, Chief Growth Officer and Josh Ridgway, Channel Manager

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