“Our staff really enjoys our time at the Sharetec Users Conference and appreciate all the work that is put into it. While I enjoy the classes, I feel I get the most benefit from networking with other Sharetec Credit Unions."

– Susan Hendershot, North Iowa Community CU

"After attending the Sharetec Conference, I always come back with valuable information and enjoy seeing what the future holds. The food is always good and I enjoy speaking with Sharetec staff and other Sharetec users to help resolve issues we have. I always come back with valuable information and hope to attend next year!”

        – Cindy Pool, Financial Health FCU

“As a solution provider, the Sharetec conference was one of the best I have attended in quite some time. The venue was fantastic. The events were well planned, organized, and thoroughly enjoyable. The Sharetec customers were very engaged and genuinely interested in my products and services. I can't wait for next year's conference."

– Dan Miller, BranchServ

“In my 26 years as a business owner, I have found people like to do business with people they know. What I most appreciate about the Sharetec Users Conference, as a business partner, is the opportunity to get to know Sharetec customers and Sharetec employees. This was a great conference and we look forward to many more.”

– Steve Baxter, Technique Data Systems, Inc.

“Sharetec continuously does an awesome job. I always recommend the Sharetec conference to everyone in the credit union business. They really know how to take care of their customers.”

– Shelly Ogle, Yantis Federal Credit Union Yantis, TX

“Overall it was a very nice conference. The venue was fun, the classes were presented well with useful information and the group sessions kept my attention with upbeat speakers and entertainment that was fantastic."

– Joette Walter, Elite Community Credit Union Bourbonnais, IL

“Sharetec did a great job hosting their Users Conference. We are really proud to be a vendor associated with such a great company. They took a great deal of time and effort to both educate and entertain their clients.”

– Audie Wienecke, Transfund

“Networking with other Sharetec Users was invaluable. This year has to be one of the best conference I've attended.”

– Anna Melecosky, Landmark Credit Union Danville, IL

“This is the first conference I have attended where the top of the organization was personally involved with the classes and clients.  Our credit union is converting to Sharetec next year and this assures me it will be a good experience.”

– Dale Robinson, Memorial Health Credit Union Savannah, GA

“This was the nicest and most informational conference I have been to. Thank you!”

– Susan Rogers, Yantis Federal Credit Union Yantis, TX

“It was one of if not the BEST conference I have attended in my 25 years in the credit union industry.  The location, the agenda and Sharetec employees were GREAT!!!”

– Patricia Kelly, Memorial Health Credit Union Savannah, GA

“Knowledge from trainers was spot on and we brought back a ton of information. Topics from last year had new trainers this year, so even those sessions had great information to take away. This even is well coordinated and offers a variety of information. Great job to all of the Sharetec team for another successful year."

- Kirby Ramirez, Hereford Texas Federal CU Hereford, TX

“Everything was perfect and well organized and planned.”

– Gerlyn Moore Hodges, CLICO Credit Union Trinidad and Tobago

“We look forward to attending the Annual Sharetec Users Conference each year because there is so much value in learning from the other Sharetec users, as well as getting a taste of the new releases that come out each year. It also gives us an opportunity to connect with the Sharetec team and we always have a great time.”

– Randy Glassburn, Ball State FCU Muncie, IN

“The Sharetec conference is one that I look forward to all year. The information that I am able to bring home to my staff has been a tremendous resource. The conference gives us the opportunity to see the vision of Sharetec business partners, as well as networking with other forward thinking executives.”

– Steven Adee, Santa Fe FCU Amarillo, TX