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Supercharge your marketing using Quick Query & Quick Reports from Sharetec!

Sharetec’s Quick Query/Reports allows your credit union to access any field within the database quickly and efficiently. Need to know how many people in a specific Zip Code have New Auto loans? In just a few seconds and a few clicks of the mouse and it’s in your hands!

Quick Query Allows you to query all tables within the Sharetec database including:

  • Member Record
  • Deposit Record
  • Loan Record
  • Joint Relations Record
  • Loan Application Record
  • General Ledger Record
  • And many more!!!

With quick Query, you see the results immediately on your screen.

Data that takes several minutes or longer is now retrieved in seconds from the Sharetec database. If you want to change the columns for additional information, just select the field from the table browse and the information appears on the screen. If you want to sort, the data, simply click the column heading and the entire table is resorted for you.

“The speed of Quick Query enables us to ask ‘what if’ questions without having to redo the Query. We use it for marketing all of the time!”

Export, Save, Schedule, Repeat!

All queries and reports can be saved and added to the Sharetec Job Scheduler. Sharetec also gives you several export options, including Excel, Word Pad, or save to desktop. Extracting data from Sharetec is now quick and easy.


  • Quick retrieval of data
  • Exporting in several formats for future use
  • Creating a query and including in the Job Scheduler
  • Merge data into documents
  • Fully integrated into Sharetec Campaign Marketing

Easy Access to your members credit card information
Sharetec offers a single sign-on so your members can access all their credit card information without having to log into another website. Look at the circled tab in the middle of the Home Banking screen in the screen shot below.

Single Sign On

"Now members can seamlessly access their accounts from within home banking without the hassle of remembering another username and password. It is one more way to make accessing the credit union electronically a seamless and user-friendly experience."
Daryl, Gas & Electric Credit Union

Sharetec's Credit Card Single Sign-On offers members balances and statements quickly with an integrated secure login that drives members back to your Home Banking. For more information, contact us today.

 sharetec sweep
While most credit unions strive to provide a neat, tidy, and efficient financial haven for its members, many of the processes that go on behind the scenes may not employ the cleanest, most simplified ways of completing tasks. For instance, many credit union employees routinely enter all of their members’ credit card advances and payments into their core system—only to repeat the entry into the processor’s website. Most likely, your staff finds these tasks tiresome and would prefer a cleaner, more efficient process to get the job done. 

Let Sharetec do a “clean sweep” of your process with its Credit Card Sweep—a product that immediately “clears the way” for improvement and ends untidy repetition! Credit Card Sweep enables employees to simply enter a credit card advance or a payment like any other transaction—allowing them to be processed over the counter with ease in a single transaction. And at the end of the day, the Sharetec system “tidies up” the process by forwarding all of your credit card transactions in the form of an aggregated payment file to your vendor/processor. Clearly, this “sweeping” improvement has the potential to reduce errors while saving your staff valuable time to devote to other important tasks.

child piggy bank

Most of us can remember having a piggy bank as a child. Collecting coins and passing them through the slot was easy and fun. And being able to reap the rewards of our efforts, to perhaps buy a special game or toy, was even better.

As grown adults, making the commitment to set up a savings plan isn’t always easy. And making regular deposits into a savings account is even more challenging. Most likely, your credit union members would appreciate a way to beat this challenge by automatically increasing their savings with little effort.

Sharetec can provide your members with their very own “piggy bank”—thanks to an account feature called Easy Saver! This handy feature offers a convenient and painless way for members to build their savings effortlessly and incrementally, without having to make larger, lump-sum deposits. Members’ debit card transactions are simply rounded up to the nearest dollar and the difference is automatically and securely deposited into a designated savings account. Funds can go directly into a member’s savings account or into another member's account, such as a child or grandchild. The feature only requires that the member have a checking account, a debit card set up to make purchases, and a savings account.

Help your members return to the good old days of “piggy bank” savings with Sharetec’s Easy Saver—which makes setting aside extra money child’s play!



Have you ever been disconnected from your core system?

How many times has a storm hit and knocked out the connectivity of your office? When this happens to your credit union it not only affects you, but also your members. Sharetec has your solution! Using Sharetec’s Offline Processing, your credit union can continue to serve your members when conditions are not ideal.

What does this mean for your credit union and your members?

  • Serve Members:  Perform members transactions when the connection to the system is ever down

  • Reduce Possible Losses:  Even in an offline environment, tellers will see the member’s balances so not to give out too much cash

  • No Double Entry Later:  Once a connection back to the Sharetec server has been established, tellers will be able to post all of their offline transactions back to the Sharetec server in batch format, based on each user

  • Effective: If Service Bureau is lost for any reason

  • Automatically: Writes the transaction to the database

  • No Network connection required