To archive statements, start in the Back Office Workspace then go to Statement Processing to select Statement Manager. Select the folder located in the bottom browse area where statements are to be archived (for March 2011 you would select the [1103] folder), then right click on each statement file in the upper browse window and select “Archive”. To access the archived files, go to the appropriate YYMM folder in the bottom browse to see the statement files. Right click for options to print, view, or remove the files from the archive.

Share dividend accrual, tax withholding, and early withdrawal adjustments can be made in the Administration Workspace under Member Adjustments:

For a share dividend accrual adjustment, enter the adjusted amount in the Accrual Adjustment field and click on the ‘adjust’ button on the bottom of the screen.

For tax withholding or early withdrawal adjustments, make sure the correct tax year is selected, click update, and change the Tax Withheld or Early Payment Withdrawal field, and click save.

Did you know...

Sharetec offers both In-House and Service Bureau systems?

Sharetec’s In-House System
There was a time when it was thought that if a credit union had an in-house system it must also have dedicated staff to maintain it. For some systems, this was true back then and still is today – but not Sharetec. The Sharetec System was designed from the ground up to automate tasks traditionally only available on service bureau systems. Sharetec automates so many redundant daily tasks that our customers are often able to shift staff focus to other more pressing and beneficial responsibilities.  If you like the benefits, control and flexibility that come with owning your own system, you should consider the Sharetec in-house platform.

Sharetec’s Service Bureau System
There is certainly an argument that can be made for employing a service bureau to host your core system. Staffing, security, backups, capitol, and servers might come to mind.  If these are your concerns, Sharetec has a Service Bureau designed to give you piece of mind while also lowering your initial investment. Our dedicated team of professionals will do the heavy lifting allowing you to focus on your membership.


Whether you select View Report or Run Report, both options will send the report to the Report Queue and can be viewed or printed from the Report Viewer screen. The only difference between the View and Run options is that View will bring the report in the viewer window when selected, both buttons will actually RUN the report.

Be sure to save Results reports on the Sharetec server instead of on a PC because you have assurance that your Sharetec server is backed up regularly.