Fraud alert imageOne of the biggest challenges Credit Unions face today is protecting members from fraud. That’s why Sharetec offers real-time fraud monitoring through its Fraud Alert system. This vital feature is designed to work proactively, helping Credit Unions stay one step ahead of fraud while safeguarding their members.

Sharetec’s Fraud Alert system is always on the look-out for questionable activity. And once a fraudulent situation is detected―whether during a member transaction, search, batch posting, new member enrollment or application process―your Credit Union staff and your members will receive prompt notification. In the event of a change of address, suspicious activity is immediately reported, and a change of address notice is auto-generated and sent to the original mailing address to ensure that the change was initiated by the member.

Key features of Sharetec’s Fraud Alert:

  • Fraud Alerts are based on a set of fraud conditions set up in the Fraud Alert control

  • Alerts are Credit Union-defined and tailored to meet each institution’s level of need

  • Fraud Alert Reports are available on a daily basis to report all fraudulent conditions

  • Credit bureau integration provides extra security for members on active duty or those who have been identified as fraud suspects

  • Fraud Alerts are linked to FinCen, OFAC and EFunds files to flag qualifying member records as needed

With Sharetec’s Fraud Alert system, you can rest assured that prompt notification will translate to security and peace of mind for your members.

For a list of alert types, including Duplicate Data Alerts, Activity Alerts and Invalid Data Alerts, visit


While news coverage has tapered off, the NCUA wants to make sure federally insured Credit Unions are doing everything possible to prevent and prepare for malware attacks like the WannaCry ransomware attack that affected more than 300,000 victims in 150+ countries.

“The reality is, it’s not a matter of ‘if’ your Credit Union is being targeted with this kind of attack,” said Brian Hoppe, Chief Technology Officer at Sharetec. “Several studies have shown that an average business is being targeted up to 60 times a day with phishing, malware, or ransomware attacks.”

Read the NCUA bulletin HERE

To safeguard against cyber-attacks, Sharetec suggests the following steps:

    • The first line of defense against such attacks must be employee education. It’s important for network users to know the warning signs of cyber-attacks and how best to respond.
    • Install a Managed Firewall and a Managed Intrusion Prevention System. These IT security tools monitor and report – in real time – on all your network activity.
    • Carry out annual Network Penetration Testing to identify and resolve vulnerabilities before they can be exploited.
    • Set up redundant off-site data backup and disaster recovery tools.

For questions on IT Security tools or best practices for Credit Unions, Sharetec today.

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Sharetec's Content Management Solution
delivers you a system that fits your existing business practices and budgets for more efficient organization and quicker retrieval of paper and electronic documents.

With the FileBound Content Management Solution, your credit union will benefit from...

  • Increased employee productivity

  • Improved document organization and storage

  • Easy access to/retrieval of secure information

  • Improved security/protection of member employee files

  • Enhanced member service

  • Disaster recovery services

  • Time savings (less time searching for files and documents)

  • Cost savings resulting from all of the above!

Click here to read GNC Community FCU's success story and learn how Document Management services have serviced GNC's needs and enabled a vast improvement within their organization.

Sharetec will be exhibiting its state-of-the-art solution at the upcoming Credit Union Association of New York’s (CUANY) Annual Meeting & Convention, scheduled for June 1 - 4, 2017 at the Sagamore Resort in Bolton Landing, NY. The event will feature a celebration of CUANY’s 100-year anniversary, dubbed “A History Worth Repeating!”

As attendees enjoy four days of education and celebration, Sharetec will be on hand to promote its core processing solution to the extensive NY Credit Union community. Sharetec’s exhibit will be part of a valuable mix of networking opportunities, educational sessions and inspiring speakers, designed to assist Credit Unions with learning new strategies, discovering innovative tools and identifying opportunities for growth. The event will enable Sharetec to build awareness about its fully integrated system, and how it can keep Credit Unions of all sizes ahead of competitors with technology that members expect, updates that regulations require and support that ensures smooth operation.

Visit Sharetec at the CUANY Meeting & Convention and discover how this innovative and cost effective solution can streamline your processes and provide maximum productivity and efficiency for your financial institution. We’ll be available to answer your questions and help your Credit Union make its own “History Worth Repeating!”


StaceyGuest Blogger – Stacey Heiser, CEO Corry FCU

My credit union has become very passionate about putting on Financial Reality Fairs at local high schools. Many of my friends have asked me what exactly is a Financial Reality Fair? I simply explain that a Reality Fair is a financial literacy program tool that is very interactive that my credit union conducts to help teens learn what budgeting their money is all about. With that said, I also explain that this program is a unique opportunity for students to experience some financial challenges they will no doubt face once they are out on their own. As I have been a volunteer in several of these events across the state of Pennsylvania for fellow credit union friends, there is one thing I have learned – kids have no clue these days how to take care of finances.

We have put on three (3) Financial Reality Fair’s for two of our local schools in the last 18 months. We had a lot of fun working these financial reality fairs with the 10th and 11th grade students.  The students were tasked with taking the income /salary from their assigned career and then making a life for themselves.  They had to complete a budget sheet and expense out all the normal expenses such as housing, transportation, utilities, food, clothing, insurance, entertainment, etc. Obviously, this balancing act – that so many of us deal with day in and day out – was new to them.   Some of these choices were temptations for additional spending such as purchasing a pet or gym membership, and even purchasing a much larger more expensive vehicle then they would ever need. We tried to make this Reality Fair as real life as possible.

Many students quickly found out that their income did not go nearly as far as their wants and needs did!  After visiting the various booths, the students then went in front of a financial counselor for review. Some of the students did very well with their monthly budget and real life choices. Some did not do so well and were actually in the red at the end of the month. In those cases, the students had to get a part-time job and/or go back and downsize their vehicle or house.  What a great lesson for these kids to learn how to manage their money as well as realize how expensive things cost. We have received so much great feedback that we plan on doing this every year.

I recently heard that now Pennsylvania is looking at doing Reality Fairs for local prisons for the inmates. They tried this already and was a huge turnout for the inmates. They appreciated it much and thanked all of the volunteers.

All I can say is if you get the opportunity to be a volunteer or better yet put on your own Reality Fair do it! You will not be disappointed. It is a lot of work – but so worth it at the end of the day to see the expressions on the kids’ faces and to hear their various comments. Make a difference in someone’s life!