Through ProPay, Sharetec offers credit unions an online portal that is secure, user-friendly and affordable. Allowing members to make loan payments using their credit card, debit card, or eCheck, gives the credit union an opportunity to increase revenue while improving member satisfaction.

  • Fast, online signup

  • Accept online payments with no additional cost to the credit union

  • Generate additional fee income

  • Members can make a one-time payment or schedule payments

Tyler, President of Laramie Plains FCU comments, "We process an average of 21 transactions each day on non-LaramiePlains FCU debit cards and credit cards. Before using ProPay with its tight integration to Sharetec, this was a manual process handled mainly by front-line staff over the phone. The time saved is now focused on building deeper relationships with members."

Providing members with payment options they demand will strengthen your member relationship both today and into the future. Contact us today for more information or click here to read more.



Increase Teller efficiency and reduce back office clerical time with Check 21 Teller & Branch Capture from Sharetec

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“Moving to electronic presentment to the Fed has decreased our proofing and processing time by 75%. We should have done this a long time ago.”

Electronic Check Capture With the financial industry moving to electronic clearing of check items, your credit union needs a cost-effective option to scan, store and transmit your daily deposits. Sharetec’s Check 21 solution increases check entry accuracy, reduces data entry time, and integrates fully with Sharetec.

Check 21 Teller Capture Checks deposited into member accounts are scanned in seconds. Simply place checks in the hopper, click the scan button, and the Check 21 system automatically:

  • Creates an electronic image of each check (front and back)

  • Records the amount of each check

  • Provides a deposit total

  • Adds scanned checks to your end of day electronic file

Any checks not properly scanned are displayed for the teller to review and correct. Once corrections are complete, the teller simply selects the account for deposit to complete the transaction.

Check 21 Branch Capture For credit unions that prefer single end of day batch processing, Sharetec provides Branch Capture. With this tool, tellers scan all checks received throughout the day in a single batch, then transmit the file directly to the Fed. Simply place all the deposit checks in the scanner hopper and click the scan button, and the Check 21 system automatically:

  • Creates an electronic image of each check (front and back)

  • Adds the check amount to processing totals

  • Sends deposit total to the teller


Charlie NSP
GUEST BLOGGER: Charlie Yenni, President/CEO, NSP Credit Union

Last June, our credit union launched Kasasa® Cash® and Cash Back® checking accounts.  After attending last September’s Sharetec® Users Conference, I learned how I could use the Metrics and Cross Selling tools on Sharetec® to flag accounts that already qualified to switch to either of the rewards-based checking accounts. 

The Metrics Analysis feature allowed us to select the criteria (i.e. age, debit card, email address, etc.) to qualify.  From there, we were able to create an analysis ID, which when brought into Cross Selling Promotions allowed us to be able to drill down on specifics, as well as determine how often to promote the new products.  The Promotions section also allowed us to add a script, just in case staff needed more specific information regarding the rewards.  These tools have complemented our efforts in getting members to switch or open a new checking account with the credit union. 

As of January 31, we have opened or switched a substantial number of members into our Kasasa® checking accounts since June 1.  Our goal is quite high to convert/open Kasasa® checking accounts in 2017 and we are confident that the Cross-Selling tool on Sharetec® will help us reach that goal.  

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CSKT Tribal Credit Union of Pablo, Montana, has been reaping the rewards of Sharetec since February 2012, and this month marks their 5th anniversary!

CSKT Tribal Credit Union was established by the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes (CSKT), who take pride in Tribally-owned businesses and believe in infusing traditional beliefs into the way they conduct business. The Credit Union’s goal is to offer competitively priced financial services to the residents of the Flathead Reservation, comprised of 1.317 million acres in northwest Montana. They are dedicated to maintaining a full service financial institution for their members and remain committed to supporting their members’ financial well-being.

We are pleased to be of service to CSKT Tribal Credit Union and look forward to continuing to meet their needs well into the future.