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While most employees like to get out of the building and away from their desks for a while, how many would actually prefer learning something new in an unfamiliar environment? 

Sharetec understands how your Credit Union employees may appreciate the little things—the view from a familiar office window, the smell of their office coffee maker brewing the morning joe, and the comfort and ease of on-site learning. That’s why Sharetec makes it possible for you to effectively facilitate your staff training within your own “home” with Training Database—a handy feature that affords the convenience of in-house training. 

Sharetec comes equipped with a secondary database—a mirror of your live database—that lets your employees learn and explore the system at their own pace, and in familiar surroundings. It enables staff members to acquaint themselves with the Sharetec system while utilizing the virtual copy of your database. This convenient setup offers you a safe, secure, and effective way to train your new employees, as well as cross-train your seasoned staff, all while remaining within an environment that they’re accustomed to, surrounded by “all the comforts of home.”


Is your credit union storing some signed receipts electronically and some receipts manually?

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Are those drive-thru receipts in boxes in the storage room vulnerable to fire or Natural Disaster? Tired of holding onto a manual process to look up receipts from the drive-thru when doing research?

Solve these problems with Wireless Signature Pads for Drive-Thru. Below are a few reasons these are becoming more popular.            

  • Disaster Recovery Store those signed receipts electronically, preventing a disaster should the paper copies get destroyed. 

  • Convenient Staff can easily access electronic receipts, saving manual time going thru files.

  • Member Convenience & Service It allows for quicker service when performing the transaction and much quick service when researching a past transaction.

Keep your credit union protected with Wireless Signature Pads for Drive-Thru. For more information, contact us today.

hudson rivers 10th anniversary

We’d like to extend a big “Happy Anniversary” to our loyal friends at Hudson River Financial Federal Credit Union (HRFFCU) in Mohegan Lake, New York. This month marks the 10th anniversary of HRFFCU’s successful utilization of our Sharetec solution, and we couldn’t be happier for them!

First chartered in 1938, this not-for-profit financial institution serves over 6,000 members, with assets exceeding 50,000,000 dollars. HRFFCU believes that their growth stems from their dedicated efforts to maintain their founders’ original mission—to provide members with the best possible service, loans and technologically advanced accounts and money management services.

We commend HRFFCU for staying true to their mission and continuing to provide outstanding service to their membership. We appreciate the opportunity to serve this exceptional credit union and hope to support their success far into the future.


In less than one year after Danville Bell Credit Union utilized Sharetec’s Online Member Applications, their dollars lent to members grew by $1.2 million and actual loans produced were over $3.2 million compared to $1.8 million the year before. Tim George, President of Danville Bell Credit Union comments, "Busy, young people who are electronically savvy appreciate the convenience of filling out an application online and having an answer prior to coming to the credit union.


- 25% Increase in Loan Dollars

- Convenience & Ease Applying for Loans 

- Helped Grow Membership 10% 

- Loan and Interest Income Increased

Credit unions can increase their loan success while bringing in new members with Sharetec’s Online Member Applications. To read more, click here.

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As the popularity and demand for mobile remote deposit solutions continue to grow, it’s clear that Credit Unions and depositors prefer the ease and convenience of a safe and secure means of remotely depositing. Obviously, there are industry trends and needs to consider. For instance, according to*, “Checks remain a popular payment method for small businesses. In fact, many small business owners say they still prefer checks, given the costly and often confusing interchange fees associated with credit and debit cards. Thus, about two-thirds of all checks are written to businesses, and check deposits continue to be a major contributor to traffic” at banks and Credit Unions.

For reasons of ease and convenience, plus the fact that the small business market segment cannot be ignored, migrating deposit transactions to a less expensive mobile deposit solution has become a key objective for financial institutions across the country. And when one considers the benefits of Sharetec’s mobile Remote Deposit Capture (RDC), it’s no wonder that this solution is becoming increasingly popular with Credit Unions and members. Fully integrated with the Sharetec mobile banking application, as well as the Sharetec Core Processing system, RDC provides a Credit Union’s business clients and members with the freedom to deposit checks easily and securely, anytime from anywhere, using a Smartphone, PC, or tablet. RDC Users simply:

• Key in their deposit amount
• Capture images of both sides of their endorsed check
• Submit the information/images directly to their Credit Union for processing

In an increasingly complicated and mobile world, it’s comforting to know that Sharetec offers solutions that are in tune with industry trends and the most pressing needs of Credit Unions and their business clients and members.