Online Member Services
 can help capture loan and new membership applications simultaneously. It allows members and non-members to apply for loans through your credit union website. Current members can simply sign into their home banking site and apply for a variety of products, including loans.

Non-members can apply for their credit union membership at the same time they apply for their loan, saving time and work for potential new members and credit union staff.

Credit Union staff can determine which loan products will be available to choose from and how much information will be collected through the application.  This allows staff members to completely customize the look and feel of the application, setting it apart from other sites.

Online Member Services automates and stream lines office processes – saving you time. Sharetec’s integrated cross selling tools help you evaluate the products and services your members apply for while making suggestions at a time when the member is most likely to respond – during the enrollment process!

It’s simple, secure and convenient, saving you time and money!


We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Michelle Jones, Customer Support Representative, for her 10 years of service as part of the Sharetec Credit Union Services Team. Since March 1, 2004, Michelle has been happily serving Credit Union Clients.

Michelle considers that her main purpose in life is to help people, and she always offers her assistance with a positive, friendly attitude. Many Credit Union Clients have expressed their gratitude to Michelle for addressing their day-to-day concerns, no matter how large or small, and for resolving their issues with efficiency and expertise.

A resident of New Springfield, Ohio, Michelle and her husband of 26 years enjoy spending their downtime boating and fishing. We congratulate Michelle on her hard work and dedication, and wish her continued success as part of the Sharetec Credit Union Customer Support Team.


We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Bob Tracy, CEO from Educational Community Alliance Credit Union (EDUCACU), formerly TPS Credit Union, on his retirement. Bob has been in the Credit Union Industry for approximately 28 years and was with TPS/EDUCACU since April of 1992. Since utilizing the Sharetec solution, Bob has grown TPS/EDUCACU’s assets from 18 million in 1992 to 43 million today.

Once again, we would like to congratulate Bob on his retirement; he is an excellent Sharetec user and will be greatly missed. Bob, we wish you the best of luck with your future endeavors.

Mobile Banking Couple

Mobile Banking trends may be showing that the younger generation is leading the charge, but recent studies are showing that Mobile Banking is not just for the young anymore.

According to a recent article posted by the Credit Union Times older consumers are increasingly turning to their smartphones and tablets to meet their banking needs,  This represents a big opportunity for credit unions.

Sharetec Mobile Banking allows members to do more than just check balances.  Members can view transaction history, transfer funds, make mobile deposits, locate branches, check messages and make payments. Sharetec’s data processing system for credit unions features a fully integrated core system that includes modules for Shares and Drafts, Loans, Collections, automated 5300 Call Report, Marketing, Cross Selling, Shared Branching, Home Banking, Mobile Banking, Text Banking, Remote Deposit Capture, e-Documents, and Remote e-Sign.

Additionally, Sharetec provides FINCEN and OFAC processing, Credit Bureau integration, Indirect Lending, ACH origination and automated ACH/Share Draft processing.  Sharetec is fully graphical (point and click) and offered both as an in-house data processing system or an on-line service bureau (hosted solution) environment.

As examiners focus on income, mergers will continue to be commonplace. As a result, more credit unions are focusing on non-interest income to make up for lack of loan income.

Members “First” Community Credit Union uses a number of key products to generate significant income and decrease their expenses. This effort has catapulted them into the top 1% ROA of all credit unions in the country.

With Sharetec’s eNotices module, members receive their information faster than they would through traditional mail, providing them easy access to notices, letters and other correspondence related to their account. Members “First” Community Credit Union saves big money on postage expenses, as well as additional savings from envelopes, paper, ink, folding, and staff time.

Teri McEwen, CEO of Members “First” Community Credit Union, remarked, “We appreciate the fact that Bradford-Scott continually adds new products like eNotices. One of our goals is to keep up with the larger financial players in our market, and the eNotices module gives us that opportunity, which has proven to be a great success for our credit union.”

Since Members “First” Community Credit Union started using Sharetec’s eNotices module, they have reduced their monthly expenses $975.00.

Average monthly savings from eNotices:

Postage $700.00

Envelopes $ 86.00

Paper $ 9.00

Staff (saves 45 min./day) $180.00

TOTAL $975.00 x 12 = $11,700.00 Annual Savings

The end result of implementing the eNotices feature is that it benefits both the credit union and the member.