POINT, CLICK, & PAY: Bill Pay their way with Allied Picture Pay
More and more consumers are making the move to mobile payments. Sharetec helps you stay ahead in the mobile market by helping you provide what your members expect from their credit union. Members simply "Point - Shoot - Pay"; Allied Picture Pay requires NO data entry and 99% of all images received are processed.

Mobile Bill Pay is projected to grow significantly and is emerging as one of the top two payment types. Visa's recent survey of Millennials aged 24 - 34 showed that in addition to using their mobile phones for passwords, work, pictures, money transfers, email, follow-up reminders, and scheduling appointments, 82% used their phones to make online payments.

Sharetec and Allied have teamed up so credit unions can offer their members more bill payment options.  Mobile Bill Pay allows members to pay any bill, anytime, anywhere, in seconds - all without having to write a check.

Benefits of Picture Pay

  • Picture Pay is easy on the user

  • Picture Pay is easy on you

  • It positions you well

  • Leads to increased customer satisfaction


We’d like to wish our friends at GNC Community Federal Credit Union of New Castle, Pennsylvania, a Happy “Sharetec” Anniversary! GNC has been enjoying the benefits of Sharetec since 1996, and we have happily been serving their needs for the past 20 years.

Over 70 years ago, a group of progressive Johnson Bronze Company employees planted a seed with the goal of better serving their growing membership. Thanks to hard work and dedication, the seed eventually grew, developed, and progressed into the formation of the present-day GNC―and we are proud to have been able to contribute to their success.

We remain committed to providing our expertise to support GNC’s phenomenal success and look forward to continuing our mutually beneficial partnership long into the future.


PFM thanksgiving

If you’re truly thankful for your Credit Union members, why not give them an easy and convenient online tool to personally manage their finances? 

Through its partnerships with Geezeo and MoneyDesktop, Sharetec offers Personal Financial Management (PFM), so members can enjoy the simplicity and convenience of online money management. PFM enables users to develop budgets, set financial goals, and manage cash flow—while viewing all of their financial data on one screen. All of these features can be included in a white label (credit union branded) product, ensuring that your members will never need to look to another financial institution for information. PFM’s account aggregation allows member accounts from other institutions to be displayed, and records from more than 18,000 financial institutions to be gathered and leveraged, so your Credit Union will remain competitive and empowered to service its members. 

Access to Sharetec’s PFM online tool provides your members with real advantages that few competitors can offer, and they’ll enjoy the convenience of comprehensively managing all of their financial relationships on one screen. With Sharetec’s PFM, your members will view your Credit Union as a true advocate for their financial well-being—and a reason to be thankful!



Sharetec's Auto-Enrollment is a powerful solution that will cut expenses for your credit union, making your examiners happier. Credit Unions that have turned this feature on have found their members not only immediately start using the service, they stick with it so the savings can be recognized month after month with a significant impact on the credit unions bottom line expenses.

Since switching to Sharetec's Auto-Enrollment, Winnebago Community Credit Union has had a 500% growth and an annual savings of $14,500.

Sharetec's Auto-Enrollment is a unique solution from Sharetec to our customers that can make a difference for your credit union and your members. Call us today for more information!


Quick Query image

Supercharge your marketing using Quick Query & Quick Reports from Sharetec!

Sharetec’s Quick Query/Reports allows your credit union to access any field within the database quickly and efficiently. Need to know how many people in a specific Zip Code have New Auto loans? In just a few seconds and a few clicks of the mouse and it’s in your hands!

Quick Query Allows you to query all tables within the Sharetec database including:

  • Member Record
  • Deposit Record
  • Loan Record
  • Joint Relations Record
  • Loan Application Record
  • General Ledger Record
  • And many more!!!

With quick Query, you see the results immediately on your screen.

Data that takes several minutes or longer is now retrieved in seconds from the Sharetec database. If you want to change the columns for additional information, just select the field from the table browse and the information appears on the screen. If you want to sort, the data, simply click the column heading and the entire table is resorted for you.

“The speed of Quick Query enables us to ask ‘what if’ questions without having to redo the Query. We use it for marketing all of the time!”

Export, Save, Schedule, Repeat!

All queries and reports can be saved and added to the Sharetec Job Scheduler. Sharetec also gives you several export options, including Excel, Word Pad, or save to desktop. Extracting data from Sharetec is now quick and easy.


  • Quick retrieval of data
  • Exporting in several formats for future use
  • Creating a query and including in the Job Scheduler
  • Merge data into documents
  • Fully integrated into Sharetec Campaign Marketing