Many members don't look at their statements, but it still costs the credit union about $.75 per statement all together to get it to the member. Two Sharetec credit unions are using a strategy to increase their penetration of eStatements while increasing income at the same time.

Brian Blaszak, President of Synergy Partners Credit Union remarks, "Advertising our $2.00 per statement fee in our quarterly newsletter and other member documents to get members to sign up for eStatements has been very successful. This has brought us a decent amount of monthly savings from not spending on postage and paper, as well as the additional earned income. Roughly a $25,000 increase in income this year."

Thom Ewen, President of Illinois State Credit Union also has great success with charging members a small $2.00 fee per statement when sending through the mail. "Not only has our postage and paper printing expenses dropped drastically, but we are earning over $2,000 per month in additional income. We do give exceptions for hardships, mostly when members complain adamantly, as well as excluding seniors."

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Customer Appreciation Day is Friday, October 27th, 2017

Save between 5-15% on Software and Hardware.

All orders must be received by Friday, October 27th, 2017.

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Enjoy the ease and benefits of Teller Cash Recyclers and Dispensers by taking advantage of Sharetec's integration with Compuflex. This partnership allows you to automate cash transactions while removing the chance for human errors, all while automatically updating the cash levels of your machines and teller boxes.

    • Speed up cash transactions with greater accuracy 
    • Limit or eliminate human errors
    • Simplify teller box balancing

To learn more about Sharetec's integration with Compuflex, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. today.




Sharetec is inviting Sharetec Credit Unions to become contributors to our blog. We are looking for Guest Bloggers to share tips and resources with other Sharetec users. If you would like to express your ideas and thoughts that would be of importance to other Sharetec users, please email Megan today at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We would love to feature you!

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With Sharetec’s Web Member Services feature, your Credit Union can conveniently do double duty. This business tool enables you to offer both members and non-members the means to apply for loans through your Credit Union website. And as non-members apply for their Credit Union membership, they can simultaneously submit a loan application―making the online process twice as nice for applicants and Credit Unions alike. 

Sharetec’s Online Member Services application allows your existing members to apply for loans, shares, share drafts and even certificates of deposit online with ease. They simply sign into their home banking site and apply for their loan and/or share products of choice. And because non-members can apply for their membership, loans and share accounts concurrently, your staff and your potential members will both save valuable time. Once applications are completed, they are immediately sent to a loan officer or member services representative for review. Since the Sharetec application is online, loan officers and member services representatives will not have to re-key any of the information, which saves more time. 

With Sharetec’s unique customization capabilities, you can choose the look and feel of your online application page to set it apart from other sites. Your staff can select which products to feature for your applicants’ consideration, as well as how much information will be required through the application process. 

By taking advantage of the benefits and capabilities of Sharetec’s Apply Online feature, your Credit Union will have the potential to capture a larger share of the loan and the membership market—how’s that for double duty?


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The 83rd KCUL Annual Meeting and Convention is nearly upon us! On October 11th - 12th, hundreds of League-affiliated and associated credit union CEOs, directors, supervisors and staff members will gather for this event at the Seelbach Hilton in Louisville, Kentucky. Are you ready to get the most out of this amazing opportunity for improvement, growth and Infinite Possibilities?

Sharetec is looking forward to seeing you at Booth #27 on our October 12th exhibit day, and to all that this great convention has to offer. We will be part of an extensive showcase of business partners and exhibitors waiting to share useful information geared towards your needs. The event will feature a comprehensive agenda of top-of-mind issues, as well as plenty of extras to keep attendees informed and entertained. 

We are anticipating a highly successful event, filled with so many great opportunities for financial institutions of all sizes. The motivation alone is always a great catalyst to jump-start credit unions as they identify strategies for increased growth and profitability and reach for a new level of success! 

Don’t miss your chance to meet our Sharetec representatives, who will share the best of what our innovative core processing system has to offer and immediately answer your questions. We’ll see you at Booth #27 on October 12th at the KCUL Annual Meeting and Convention!