Remote Signautres
Sharetec’s Remote Signatures offer a simple and intuitive user experience that allows members to sign documents electronically from anywhere on any device.

"We wanted members residing in different states to have the convenience of a concierge service and to stay relevant with the time and technology of attracting more members. We were mailing the forms to members and asking them to sign and notarize them, and then mail them back to us. This took a lot of time and effort, not only on our side, but also for the member.” Kabir Laiwalla, Platinum FCU

“Follow up can take days or weeks with traditional documents. This often includes many hours of staff time to complete phone calls and mail the documents. It was a tedious process that took at least 3-4 days before we got the paperwork back, as well as the hassle of members notarizing the documents and the mailing costs. Now it only takes 5-10 minutes.” Kari Rager, Family Focus FCU

Sharetec’s Remote Signatures offers credit unions and members a solution that saves time and is convenient. Your employees have access to all necessary loan documents without leaving their desk.

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Sharetec Conference Lasso Learning

Education is always a primary focus at the annual Sharetec Users Conference and, once again, learning will be in the arena spotlight at this year’s event. Once you arrive at the September 17th-19th Conference in San Antonio, prepare to “lasso” some helpful information in the form of various Workshops, which are slated to include:

  • Card@Once will show attendees how debit cards can be printed hassle-free at their credit union.

  • Common Mistakes: A to Almost Zwill address numerous common mistakes users make in Sharetec and provide helpful suggestions for each.        

  • Dashboards (Advanced Level Workshop)will feature former credit union CEO and current Quality Analyst, Greg Rowlett, who will introduce attendees to dashboard reports and demonstrate how they can be used to document your financial position. 

  • Go for a Spin with V10will invite attendees to take a test drive on Sharetec Version 10. 

  • Home Banking, Mobile Banking and Bankjoywill demonstrate how the new Home Banking interface allows members to have many services and functionality at their fingertips.

  • Loan Form Mappingwill provide an overview on how this new Sharetec add-on product lets users update and map loan forms with the click of a mouse. 

  • Loans: From Application to Disbursement and the Errors In-Betweenwill examine the loan process and various errors that may cause staff to panic and prevent disbursal.  

  • Menu Permissions and Security (Hands-On Lab)will provide users with an opportunity to learn and practice applying Sharetec’s menu permissions and security features.

  • Results for the Advanced User (Advanced Level Workshop)will instruct attendees on how to search by keywords, join tables, add calculations and much more.

  • Reversal Remedies for Sticky Situationswill cover a variety of reversal situations and provide a best-practice approach for each.

  • 5300 Call Report Automation (Advanced Level Workshop)will review the setup of the 5300 Call Report and focus on creating the 5300 file, uploading it to the NCUA and more.

Competition is tough, which is why leveraging Sharetec’s user-friendly functionality and advanced features can help your credit union “wrestle” its competitors and be a champion in the industry! (Please note that sessions are subject to change.)


Simplified Home Banking
Enhancing your members’ online banking experience can be as easy as 1 + 1! Because many Credit Unions have discovered the advantages of using FIS to manage their credit card programs, Sharetec has jumped into the equation by adding a Single Sign On (SSO) interface from its online banking system to the FIS ezCardInfo website.

The addition of the SSO product has several benefits. Your members will enjoy a seamless online banking experience after they log on to access their account information from your financial institution’s home banking website. Once logged in, the user simply clicks the SSO link, without the need for additional user credentials. There, members can view important details about their accounts including account balances, available credit, current and past statements and transactions since their last statement. 

Primary Benefits:

•       No additional logins and passwords to remember

•       Members are driven back to your home banking

•       Easy access to transaction history

•       Quick access to balances and statements

•       Online security and convenience for users

The solution is simple! With Sharetec’s user-friendly product in place, your members will come to view your Credit Union as a preferred financial management center that offers a full range of products and services through a consistent online brand. And such continuity among your internet banking products can lead to increased success for you!


Sharetec’s Tiered Courtesy Pay feature gives credit unions more flexibility in helping their members when it comes to over-drafts while allowing them to setup granular risk-based fee structures. Members who frequently overdraw their accounts pose a higher risk to the credit union, and thus should pay a higher fee then those members who occasionally overdraw their accounts.

Members “First” Community Credit Union used a flat rate courtesy pay fee structure for their members for many years with success, however, Teri McEwen, CEO of Members “First” Community Credit Union wanted to do more for the credit union and it’s members.

“We have offered traditional courtesy pay for awhile, but when we switched to Sharetec’s Tiered Courtesy Pay, our income increased by 11% and members love the flexibility of the program.”

With Tiered Courtesy Pay, members receive free or discounted overdrafts at first, then the fee gradually increases the more the member uses the service. The end result of implementing a Tiered Courtesy Pay feature is a fee structure that is fair to both the credit union and the member.

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2018 logo cowboy

The 2018 Sharetec Users Conference schedule of events is now available! Check it out at

Not only are we kicking Conference off with speaker Dave Davlin, but we are also pleased to announce that Barry Lynch, CEO and Lead Fraud Investigator of Waypoint Advisory Services, Inc., will be joining us again this year. Mr. Lynch’s presentation will be “Fraud and Internal Controls: Keys to Thwarting Embezzlement.”

Now is the perfect time to register for the 2018 Sharetec Users Conference and reserve your hotel room.