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GUEST BLOGGER: Charlie Yenni, President/CEO, NSP Credit Union

Last June, our credit union launched Kasasa® Cash® and Cash Back® checking accounts.  After attending last September’s Sharetec® Users Conference, I learned how I could use the Metrics and Cross Selling tools on Sharetec® to flag accounts that already qualified to switch to either of the rewards-based checking accounts. 

The Metrics Analysis feature allowed us to select the criteria (i.e. age, debit card, email address, etc.) to qualify.  From there, we were able to create an analysis ID, which when brought into Cross Selling Promotions allowed us to be able to drill down on specifics, as well as determine how often to promote the new products.  The Promotions section also allowed us to add a script, just in case staff needed more specific information regarding the rewards.  These tools have complemented our efforts in getting members to switch or open a new checking account with the credit union. 

As of January 31, we have opened or switched a substantial number of members into our Kasasa® checking accounts since June 1.  Our goal is quite high to convert/open Kasasa® checking accounts in 2017 and we are confident that the Cross-Selling tool on Sharetec® will help us reach that goal.  

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CSKT Tribal Credit Union of Pablo, Montana, has been reaping the rewards of Sharetec since February 2012, and this month marks their 5th anniversary!

CSKT Tribal Credit Union was established by the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes (CSKT), who take pride in Tribally-owned businesses and believe in infusing traditional beliefs into the way they conduct business. The Credit Union’s goal is to offer competitively priced financial services to the residents of the Flathead Reservation, comprised of 1.317 million acres in northwest Montana. They are dedicated to maintaining a full service financial institution for their members and remain committed to supporting their members’ financial well-being.

We are pleased to be of service to CSKT Tribal Credit Union and look forward to continuing to meet their needs well into the future.



Following the success of last year’s Users Conference, Sharetec is delighted to be hosting the 2017 Users Conference in New Orleans at the JW Marriott. Located on Canal Street, just steps away from all the popular attractions, there will be many opportunities for credit unions to come together to discuss all Sharetec has to offer, but also time to explore the amazing city of New Orleans.

Listed below are a few of the top attractions you can’t miss.

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New Orleans Ghost Tours takes you to the most haunted areas in all of New Orleans’ French Quarter.

Since the birth of New Orleans, guests tour the city by carriage, a unique way to see the French Quarter.

house of voodoo

This special encounter offers spiritual readings and a variety of voodoo souvenirs.

Emerils New Orleans
Contemporary New Orleans cuisine that has earned rave reviews and accolades for nearly 25 years.

Click here to see more and start planning your trip now for an unforgettable experience!

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Fierce competition, changing technology, increasing customer service expectations, and aging member demographics are just a few of the many challenges credit unions face. When addressing these challenges, it’s vital to lay a solid foundation by choosing the right core service provider.

Besides understanding the system’s features and functions, it’s important to ask the following kinds of questions when researching a core service provider:

* What is their background?
* Are they up on the latest technology?
* How long have they been around?
* Will they be around another 20 years?
* Do they know credit unions?
* Do they have tenured staff?
* Will your credit union be just another number to them or will they do what it takes to get to know you on a personal level?

Technology That’s Easy To Use

Successful credit unions demand products and services that are powerful and easy to use. Your members are no different. They want to be able to do business and conduct financial transactions anytime, anyplace, with the shortest learning curve possible.

As a credit union, you rely on your core for the tools needed to handle day-to-day operations. You expect a simple interface that equips employees with the tools they need to engage and serve members.

A strong core helps credit unions meet member demands, retain members, and increase membership by providing the latest technology offerings like Home Banking, Mobile Banking, Picture Pay, and other eServices. A strong core will help you anticipate and meet the needs of an increasingly demanding member base.


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What Is Cross-Selling?

To achieve and maintain success in today’s Credit Union industry, financial institutions need to understand and implement effective solutions to promote cross selling. Continuity Programs* defines cross selling in the context of Credit Unions as, “the marketing and selling of additional financial products above and beyond those the customer has already purchased. The technique involves offering and effectively marketing additional services, investment vehicles or other products.”

Did you know that Sharetec can help your Credit Union capture a larger share of business from your existing members by improving its cross selling? Your members are constantly being solicited by your competitors, so it’s more important than ever to know your members’ needs and to take action on every opportunity to sell. Yet how will your staff know which members qualify for a particular product or service, and how can they successfully promote those products and services to members to clinch the sale?

Sharetec’s Cross Selling feature can help your Credit Union outshine the competition and secure additional sales from your existing members. Sharetec’s solution is simple—it facilitates the conversation between employee and member. When a member meets all of the predetermined criteria to qualify for a product or service, a cross selling window appears on the screen to alert your staff of the opportunity. The prompt provides a customized script so there’s never any confusion as to what to say. Your staff will appreciate how this feature helps them easily explain products and services. They’ll also enjoy how the system carefully keeps track of each sale and promotion by user so employees can reap the rewards at bonus time.

Now is the time to increase your Credit Union’s success with Sharetec’s smart and efficient Cross Selling solution. Your staff will be well prepared and empowered to take advantage of every opportunity, which can translate to increased sales and greater success for everyone involved.