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We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Michael Malizia, Manager of Technical Services, for his 25 years of service as part of the Sharetec Team in our Youngstown, Ohio, location.  Since July 26, 1993, Mike has been serving credit union clients in various capacities and has proven to be a key team member within the Credit Union Services Department. 

“Mike’s technical experience and years of working with the Sharetec system are invaluable. He is the go-to person for complex technical issues and is always willing to pitch in. Mike has truly shined during busy times and makes every effort to demonstrate his diligence and expertise,” states Bob Campolito, Director, Credit Union Operations.

A reliable asset to both the Credit Union Services Team and our clients, Mike always offers his assistance with a positive, friendly attitude. Many clients have expressed their gratitude to Mike for addressing their technical concerns and for resolving their most pressing issues with efficiency and expertise.

A resident of Austintown, Ohio, Mike enjoys camping, canoeing, photography, traveling, pinball and spending time with his family and friends. We congratulate Mike on his hard work and dedication and wish him continued success as an integral part of the Credit Union Services Team.

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A Few Reasons why 16 Plus Credit Unions have Made the Switch to Sharetec

Sharetec Offers Simple Solutions To Improve Customer Service & Productivity.
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With Sharetec’s Metrics & Cross Selling Tools, Credit Unions Can Deliver More Products and Services.
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Dashboards are Information Hubs for Credit Union Management & Associates.
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Sharetec’s Mobile Banking Tools Allows Your Members to do Business from ANYWHERE!

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These are just a few of the reasons why more and more credit unions are making the switch to Sharetec. Give us a call today at (844) 802-4441 and let’s see how we can help you out as well!

Through ProPay, Sharetec offers credit unions an online portal that is secure, user-friendly and affordable. This is a great solution for members who are increasingly mobile and demand the use of technology to perform their financial transactions.

We process an average of 21 transactions each day on non-Laramie Plains FCU debit cards and credit cards. Before using ProPay with its tight integration to Sharetec, this was a manual process handled mainly by front-line staff over the phone. The time saved is now focused on building deeper relationships with members, Tyler Valentine, President of Laramie Plains FCU.

Members like that they can input payments from their computer or smartphone at a time that is convenient for them. Payments can be scheduled to reoccur instead of calling the credit union and potentially waiting for someone to process the payment manually. Time is saved for both the credit union and the member.

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Most people would agree—when one uses the word “ultimate” to describe a product or service, it should live up to its name. And Sharetec’s Ultimate Checking does just that.

With over 40 different metrics that can be tied to Ultimate Checking, Sharetec allows you to reward your members for using electronic account access—while offering them a higher dividend rate typically associated with CDs and money market accounts. And the dividend rates can be tiered or capped by balance, as well as offer service fee refunds when the defined metrics have been met.   

Additionally, your members’ money remains completely liquid as they enjoy the freedom of unlimited deposits and withdrawals. Members are only required to meet as few or as many Credit Union defined criteria each month to qualify for the high dividend rate and service fee refunds. You can look at it this way:  Sharetec’s Ultimate Checking has the potential to ultimately increase your income and new deposits, helping your Credit Union achieve ultimate success.

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Searching for data can be a most tiresome and slow process for Credit Union staff. And a lag in search speed can certainly compound problems, even affecting other vital member services. Yet Sharetec’s core processing solution has its adrenaline pumping, thanks to its Quick Query searchable data base tool.

Quick Query allows users to find what they’re looking for in an instant, enabling them to compile member data quicker and easier than ever before—and with no need to generate time-consuming reports. Quick Query lets you search all of your main member files, which can then be:

    • Displayed on your screen

    • Sent to a report or

    • Exported directly into an Excel spreadsheet

To hasten future searches, Quick Query lets users save or upload their queries to the Sharetec repository for safe keeping. What’s more, queries placed in the repository can be shared with other Sharetec Credit Unions, allowing for effective collaboration across Sharetec’s entire user base.

With Quick Query, your Credit Union will soon discover how easy it is to get up to speed with database searches and provide faster, enhanced member services.