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Credit unions are competing against all kinds of external players when it comes to member business. Car dealerships, other FIs, and now Fintech startups are just a few in a long list that are chomping away at the credit union market. Sharetec provides credit unions with a secret weapon to identify and market directly to members that have existing loans with other institutions.

Enter Quick Query: Sharetec’s easy-to-use custom reporting tool that comes standard with each system implementation. With a series of easy point-and-click actions credit unions can create, save, and automate custom reports to run at any time.

Because of the unparalleled connection to data the Sharetec provides credit unions have the unique ability to identify members making payments to outside lenders. Credit unions can create reports of those members that are making existing payments to other institutions, create custom marketing pitches, and promote the credit union’s own loan rates.

Sharetec credit unions can now go on the offensive armed with good data from their member base to provide better financial services to their members. Used in conjunction with Sharetec’s other marketing tools Quick Query will be an indispensable tool that credit unions can use to grow their bottom line.