Credit Card Sweep Image

Most Credit Unions make every attempt to offer a clean, tidy and efficient financial haven so members walk into an aesthetically pleasing and welcoming environment. However, many of the processes that take place behind the scenes may not employ the cleanest, most simplified way of doing things.

A prime example of such untidiness occurs when Credit Union employees routinely enter all of their members’ credit card advances and payments into their core system—only to repeat the entry into the processor’s website. Most likely, your staff finds these tasks tiresome and would prefer a more efficient way to handle such processes.   

Let Sharetec do a “clean sweep” of your process with its Credit Card Sweep—a product that immediately “clears the way” for improvement and ends untidy repetition. This innovative feature enables employees to simply enter a credit card advance or a payment like any other transaction, allowing it to be processed over the counter in a single transaction. And at the end of the day, the Sharetec system “tidies up” the process by forwarding all of your credit card transactions in the form of an aggregated payment file to your vendor/processor.

Clearly, Sharetec’s Credit Card Sweep offers a “sweeping” improvement, one that simplifies processes and has the potential to reduce errors, all while saving your staff valuable time to devote to other important tasks.