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What Credit Union wouldn’t choose to hold on to their funds a little longer?  With Sharetec’s Accounts Payable feature, you can do just that!  Accounts Payable is set up with your best interests in mind as it enables your staff to enter invoices received from vendors today, but delays the actual payment.  So you can arrange to have payments auto-expensed now and rest assured that your payment will be processed at a later time based on the due date.

Accounts Payable allows you to:

  • Keep your funds for as long as possible

  • Simplify vendor research and organization

  • Enjoy comprehensive AP functionality

Combined with Sharetec’s pre-paid component that auto-amortizes prepayments, the Accounts Payable feature amounts to comprehensive functionality—a complete expense and amortization system that your Credit Union can rely on and benefit from both now and later.