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Many credit unions have already discovered the power, ease, quickness and convenience of Sharetec’s Results Report Writer. Its clever design can assist even the most novice users in developing custom reports, queries and labels quickly and easily.

If you are among those credit unions looking to extract your data from Sharetec to build custom reports or marketing pieces, you’ll find the Report Writer’s data extract feature extremely handy. This tool enables your data to be exported to any Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) compliant software—including Microsoft Word and Excel—so you can begin creating marketing collateral or building reports in an instant. The direct integration between the Sharetec core system and any ODBC compliant product simplifies your processes, enabling your staff to enjoy increased efficiency. What’s more, this feature can free up valuable time so employees can focus on other key tasks, such as improving member service.

With Sharetec’s Results Report Writer, your credit union will soon be on the path to enhanced process simplification, which can ultimately lead to increased growth and success!