Payroll processing getting you down? Get Sharetec to help you out. Sharetec's payroll processing tools make these tedious tasks a breeze. Whether the credit union receives a paper list or an electronic file you can let Sharetec do the heavy lifting.

Many credit unions process manual payrolls that come with a bulk check and a list of member numbers and amounts. Along with the actual payroll amounts many of these members could have distributions that disburse funds to share accounts or loan payments. Credit unions that receive large payroll lists or files could be dealing with thousands of these entries, making posting a time consuming process.

Sharetec’s payroll processing tools are designed to relieve the burden of processing manual payroll by streamlining procedures and automating distributions. With built in name-and-save functionality credit unions can build, save, and post large payrolls in a short amount of time. Once the entries are posted Sharetec processes all member distributions automatically.

The process becomes even more streamlined if the credit union receives an electronic file. By importing the file into the system we can automate the entire process. Sharetec will build the payroll entries, create the distributions, and post the entries. Don’t let payroll processing get the better of you.

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