Remote Signautres
Sharetec’s Remote Signatures offer a simple and intuitive user experience that allows members to sign documents electronically from anywhere on any device.

"We wanted members residing in different states to have the convenience of a concierge service and to stay relevant with the time and technology of attracting more members. We were mailing the forms to members and asking them to sign and notarize them, and then mail them back to us. This took a lot of time and effort, not only on our side, but also for the member.” Kabir Laiwalla, Platinum FCU

“Follow up can take days or weeks with traditional documents. This often includes many hours of staff time to complete phone calls and mail the documents. It was a tedious process that took at least 3-4 days before we got the paperwork back, as well as the hassle of members notarizing the documents and the mailing costs. Now it only takes 5-10 minutes.” Kari Rager, Family Focus FCU

Sharetec’s Remote Signatures offers credit unions and members a solution that saves time and is convenient. Your employees have access to all necessary loan documents without leaving their desk.

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