Simplified Home Banking
Enhancing your members’ online banking experience can be as easy as 1 + 1! Because many Credit Unions have discovered the advantages of using FIS to manage their credit card programs, Sharetec has jumped into the equation by adding a Single Sign On (SSO) interface from its online banking system to the FIS ezCardInfo website.

The addition of the SSO product has several benefits. Your members will enjoy a seamless online banking experience after they log on to access their account information from your financial institution’s home banking website. Once logged in, the user simply clicks the SSO link, without the need for additional user credentials. There, members can view important details about their accounts including account balances, available credit, current and past statements and transactions since their last statement. 

Primary Benefits:

•       No additional logins and passwords to remember

•       Members are driven back to your home banking

•       Easy access to transaction history

•       Quick access to balances and statements

•       Online security and convenience for users

The solution is simple! With Sharetec’s user-friendly product in place, your members will come to view your Credit Union as a preferred financial management center that offers a full range of products and services through a consistent online brand. And such continuity among your internet banking products can lead to increased success for you!