Cash management image

Credit union tellers can often experience significant stress when they have to account for cash and balance their cash drawers at the end of the day. Just think—if this stressful issue were to be eliminated, employees could focus on providing exceptional service and cross-selling, which is how it should be in a perfect credit union world.  

If you’re seeking to alleviate these stressful tasks, Sharetec offers a smart solution in its Cash Management service. Cash Management automates your tellers’ routine cash-related duties, allowing them to shift their focus from cash to customer. With this shift, your credit union can employ people whose skills are better suited to serving the diverse needs of your members, which can assist you in improving customer service and meeting your cross-selling goals. 

The Teller Cash Inventory feature carefully records specific denominations of all exchanged money so when things fail to balance, your staff can identify the missing denominations with ease. This significantly reduces out of balance occurrences and keeps a detailed record of exactly what cash/coin was exchanged and the specific denominations. Additionally, the Vault Balancing feature auto-updates teller drawers and vault balances with each transfer, ensuring that you always know the exact denominations in your vault, in each drawer, and any cash in transit. 

Sharetec’s streamlined and automated Cash Management service is a smart choice for today’s forward-thinking credit unions. With its ease, speed, and accuracy, your employees are sure to experience less stress as they move ahead in their customer service initiatives.