Say Cheese Sharetec 002
The 2017 Annual Sharetec Users Conference is now upon us! We hope that you are enjoying this year’s spectacular schedule of events! As you participate in the many fun and educational opportunities with your fellow attendees, we ask that you please keep a “pictorial focus” in mind. We’re trying something new this year that can only be successful with your help:

Please add any Sharetec Conference photos you take to our Google photo location at: or email them to Rich Cook at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Once your Sharetec Conference pictures are added to this special folder, they can be viewed by Sharetec customers and used by our Sharetec team when marketing next year’s conference. 

Also, why not share your favorite Sharetec Conference picture from September 18th - 20th for a chance to win a gift card in our random drawing? Please send tweets and photos @_Sharetec with #SharetecConference17. 

Thank you for “saying cheese” and assisting us with our efforts to share Sharetec! Good luck and enjoy the conference!