Hit the Savings Mark Image

How many times do potential savers aim for the piggy bank but miss the mark? We all know that committing to a savings plan isn’t easy, and making regular savings account deposits can be even more challenging. That’s where Sharetec’s Save the Change feature comes in handy!

Save the Change provides a convenient and painless way for your Credit Union members to aim for their piggy banks and save with ease. This account feature helps them stay on target by building their savings accounts effortlessly and incrementally, without having to make larger, lump-sum deposits. Members can accumulate a modest savings, a little at a time—without even missing that extra change!

The idea behind Save the Change is simple: members’ debit card transactions are rounded up to the nearest dollar and the difference is securely deposited into a designated savings account. Funds can go directly into a member’s savings account or into another member's account, such as a child or grandchild. Eligibility only requires that the member have a savings account, checking account and a debit card set up to make purchases.

Provide your members with a savings plan that truly works! With Sharetec’s Save the Change, you’ll help your members hit the mark every time as they effortlessly transform their extra change into real savings. How’s that for a piggy bank?