Sharetec customers have great things to say about Sharetec. Below are just a few testimonials from customers about Sharetec and products offered.

"I love Ultimate Checking. It gives us a way to reward those who use us as their primary financial institution and it's a great sales tool. We have added a lot of new members to E-statements because that is one of our requirements to earn the higher dividend." Cari Palmer, Energy Plus CU

"We really love using the Sharetec interface for our member's account needs. I have been with the company for a year after transitioning from a different financial institution and I love that we are able to integrate so many different outside programs into one program. Thumbs up!" Alden Barnhill, Flag CU

"One of the things that I like best about Sharetec is the ease of E-Sign. We can input the loans on the system and in a matter of a few clicks the papers are off to our members no matter where they are at. Most of the time we can get the loan done in 1 day! Just as if they are sitting in front of us! So many members are happy that we have this now...And it saves us money by not having the additional postage fees etc." Shannon Pickett, Lennox Employees CU

"Results has been a great product for me to use for our Credit Union as I can create custom reports for many different uses. I have found Results to be incredibly useful for our purposes." Charlie Yenni, NSP CU

"After a day without internet I can’t say enough positive things in regards to Offline Processing. It made what could have been a real disaster much easier to handle here at Streator Community Credit Union!!" Betsy Rhynes, Streator Community CU