Check Reconciliation Harmony Image1

With summer in full bloom, most of us are seeking a little peace and tranquility, which is what we expect when we plan a trip to a relaxing beach or a serene outdoor setting. Yet did you know that Sharetec helps Credit Unions provide a harmonious, stress-free environment to their members, thanks to the innovative software’s many features and benefits?

For instance, Sharetec’s Check Reconciliation feature provides a simple solution for members to achieve a harmonious balance with their checking accounts. With this feature in check, the “status” and “cleared date” fields are auto-updated for each check, based on a file that includes all cleared items sent by your corporate or local bank. The ease and accuracy of this process brings any discrepancies in your member’s account to your immediate attention.

The simplicity, automation and accuracy of Sharetec’s Check Reconciliation feature are sure to bring harmony to your members, who will continue to look to your Credit Union for easy, breezy financial management assistance.