Is your credit union storing some signed receipts electronically and some receipts manually?

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Are those drive-thru receipts in boxes in the storage room vulnerable to fire or Natural Disaster? Tired of holding onto a manual process to look up receipts from the drive-thru when doing research?

Solve these problems with Wireless Signature Pads for Drive-Thru. Below are a few reasons these are becoming more popular.            

  • Disaster Recovery Store those signed receipts electronically, preventing a disaster should the paper copies get destroyed. 

  • Convenient Staff can easily access electronic receipts, saving manual time going thru files.

  • Member Convenience & Service It allows for quicker service when performing the transaction and much quick service when researching a past transaction.

Keep your credit union protected with Wireless Signature Pads for Drive-Thru. For more information, contact us today.