For most credit unions, uninterrupted connectivity is crucial to their strategic position in the financial marketplace. And such a predicament can translate to a real disaster for a credit union, one that could have been averted with preparation and the backing of a strong core solution. With Sharetec’s Offline Processing feature, your credit union can continue to service its members in the midst of challenging connectivity issues.


Betsy Rhynes, President of Streator Community Credit Union, comments, "After a day without internet I can’t say enough positive things in regards to Offline Processing. It made what could have been a real disaster much easier to handle."


Brian Winchester, VP IT, at Ball State FCU, suggests every credit union should have Offline Processing. "We have seen a huge national network scale in Denial of Service attacks recently. Long term outages outside the scope of anything Sharetec, or your ISP can protect against. Ideally, your data will be safe behind firewalls and onsite security measures, but if you can’t access your data, you will have some serious issues helping your members. Offline processing will help guarantee that you can service your members during these times."

To read more about Ball State FCU and Streator Community CU's success with Offline Processing, click here.

Credit Card Sweep Image

Most Credit Unions make every attempt to offer a clean, tidy and efficient financial haven so members walk into an aesthetically pleasing and welcoming environment. However, many of the processes that take place behind the scenes may not employ the cleanest, most simplified way of doing things.

A prime example of such untidiness occurs when Credit Union employees routinely enter all of their members’ credit card advances and payments into their core system—only to repeat the entry into the processor’s website. Most likely, your staff finds these tasks tiresome and would prefer a more efficient way to handle such processes.   

Let Sharetec do a “clean sweep” of your process with its Credit Card Sweep—a product that immediately “clears the way” for improvement and ends untidy repetition. This innovative feature enables employees to simply enter a credit card advance or a payment like any other transaction, allowing it to be processed over the counter in a single transaction. And at the end of the day, the Sharetec system “tidies up” the process by forwarding all of your credit card transactions in the form of an aggregated payment file to your vendor/processor.

Clearly, Sharetec’s Credit Card Sweep offers a “sweeping” improvement, one that simplifies processes and has the potential to reduce errors, all while saving your staff valuable time to devote to other important tasks.

Remote BackupGBS

Disasters can happen at the drop of a hat, which is why it is essential for Credit Unions to employ preparedness and planning to ensure a safety net of protection from devastating loss. Thankfully, Sharetec offers a system-saving feature that does just that helping Credit Unions prepare and plan for the worst and prevent disasters before they happen.

With Remote Backup, your Credit Union can steer clear of a potential system calamity, and it’s all handled remotely on a nightly basis. The backup is put in place with your system so that all of the day’s data is duplicated remotely to Sharetec’s secure hosting facility. Your Credit Union will receive a daily confirmation that the backup has been successfully accomplished. And Sharetec doesn’t stop there. As part of their Disaster Recovery Program, Remote Backup testing is completed on a regular basis to ensure that it can be restored if necessary.

Credit Unions employing Sharetec’s Remote Backup are those who know the real value of a safety net, and how it can help them avert disaster and ensure the safety and security of their data.


“Instant Debit Card Freeze” allows your members to quickly and easily freeze all debit card activity due to loss, fraud, etc.

• Freeze – and thaw – anywhere, at any time

• Freeze using Home Banking or your mobile app

• Easily remove the freeze if card is located using same simple process

For more information about “Instant Debit Card Freeze” from Sharetec, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Sharetec credit union management software features all the tools your employees need to handle day to day operations, including many standard features other cores consider optional. Specializing in the tools you need to reach and serve more members, we offer In-House, Service Bureau, E-Services, Home Banking, and Mobile Banking options.


Credit unions rely on non-interest income as a reliable source of revenue. Courtesy pay is one of those services that credit union can offer their members to help the member stay in the good graces of their creditors and other vendors. Sharetec provides credit unions with the next generation service in which tiers dictate what fees the member pays for this service.

Courtesy Pay covers overdrafts, up to an approved limit, in exchange for a flat fee per overdraft transaction. The member receives the protection from bouncing a check, which saves the member embarrassment as well as protecting their credit score. A fee is then charged to the member for the service of covering the check despite insufficient funds in the member’s account.

Under a tiered approach to courtesy pay, members that use the service the most get charged the higher tier rate while the other members enjoy a reduced rate. Because of this increased rate tier, many credit unions see a significant boost in their monthly income. One credit union saw an 11 percent increase when they made the switch from a flat rate to the tiered model. Click here to read our case study on Tiered Courtesy Pay.

Tiered Courtesy Pay offers all the benefits of its flat-rate predecessor and comes highly recommended by industry leaders. All In all, credit unions see increases in monthly income while members enjoy the benefit of lower fees. Sharetec continues to provide cutting edge solutions for all size credit unions and is an industry leading core processing provider.