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Sharetec System
 announces 10 Credit Unions made the decision to move to Sharetec’s Service Center last month.

Recently, Sharetec implemented Data-At-Rest Encryption through their Service Center. Since then, 10 Credit Unions have moved to Sharetec’s Service Center. These credit unions felt the value of keeping their members data secure was too important to pass up.

"Sharetec’s Service Center offers redundancies and security of members’ data that our Credit Union cannot offer on our own. This will allow us to be as reliable as possible, which in today’s technology environment, we see as a necessity," comments Kara Johnston, President of United Equity Credit Union.

Betsy Rhynes, President of Streator Community Credit Union, also comments, "We are a Credit Union that does not have an IT person on staff, so that alone played a big part in making the move. The amount of security the Service Center will provide is a huge factor and of course, being able to show the examiners that we are moving forward and protecting our members is also very important to us."


Sharetec System announces it has partnered with PSCU, the nation’s leading CUSO, to provide credit unions with debit offerings, credit card offerings, and will soon be implementing single sign-on capabilities within Home Banking to deliver more growth opportunity while increasing member engagement.

"PSCU and Sharetec each place the highest value on serving credit unions and their members and providing an exceptional member payments and service experience," said Chuck Fagan, PSCU CEO and President. "Our new partnership gives Sharetec’s credit unions access to flexible and robust debit and credit payment card programs. Our vision for the partnership is to help Sharetec’s credit unions deepen their relationships with members and grow."

"Sharetec has built a strong reputation with its customers to provide the absolute best core system and match it with the strongest of partners. We are thrilled to be partnering with PSCU because both our organizations have built a culture of providing powerful software and services that allows our credit union customers to continue to succeed," remarked Keane Kulak, Regional Director for Sharetec. "Our customers want to make sure they have the right debit, credit and online tools to go with the Sharetec Home and Mobile Banking for the best service for their members and we are excited to partner with PSCU to help them reach those goals."

About PSCU
Established in 1977, PSCU, based in St. Petersburg, Fla., is the nation's leading credit union service organization. The company is owned by over 800 Member-Owner credit unions representing 18.5 million credit, debit, prepaid, online bill payment, and mobile accounts. 24/7/365 member support is delivered through call centers located throughout the United States that handle more than 18 million inquiries a year.


Sharetec System announces they have partnered with Allied Payment Network to provide credit unions an industry leading Picture Pay® technology.

"We’re very excited to have developed such a great partnership with Sharetec. We’ve integrated our bill pay, home banking, and core systems to make payments as real-time as they get, which means maximum transparency to both credit unions and their members," said Joe Bellavance, VP Business Development of Allied Payment Network.

Together, with Allied Payment Network, Sharetec offers credit unions multiple products to improve their member’s bill pay experience.
Picture Pay® mobile photo bill pay solution enables credit union members to pay any bill by simply taking a picture of the bill with their smartphone. FlexPay internet bill pay solution revolutionizes bill pay pricing by offering credit unions a transaction-based pricing model, ultimately freeing them from having to pay for members who are not using the service. PortalPay online payments solutions enables members to make a loan payment to the credit union from their internal or external accounts through the credit unions website.


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Sharetec's Service Center now implements Data-At-Rest Encryption.

Sharetec’s Data-At-Rest Encryption is crucial to keeping member data safe. Alan Collier, System Administrator for Sharetec System, comments, "Sharetec has implemented Data-At-Rest Encryption at both data centers with great success." As a standard benefit through Sharetec’s Service Center, Data-At-Rest Encryption provides credit union member’s comfort knowing their information is secure.

According to industry expert Ron Daily from Virtual StrongBox in his recent CU Times article, Credit Unions Must Secure Members Personal Information, "The old ways of safeguarding data are insufficient. It's time to adopt encryption-at-rest technology on all servers where member data is being stored, rather than relying on firewalls."

Matt Isger, Regional Director for Sharetec System, comments, "Sharetec knows the importance of providing the most up-to-date technology to credit unions in order to avoid any kind of threat to their member’s data. Providing Data-At-Rest Encryption to our customers will ensure their members are confident their information is safe within the credit union."


Sharetec System announces Racine Municipal Employees Credit Union in Racine, WI has selected Sharetec System as their new core.

"Our credit union needed a more robust and efficient system to meet the ongoing needs of our members and the market. We selected Sharetec because we wanted to be able to offer live EFT processing and a user friendly mobile app to our members and provide an overall user friendly integrated experience for our staff," comments Nicole Christensen-Zabler, President of Racine Municipal Employees Credit Union. "Sharetec was one system we saw that provided all that with an appropriate cost analysis."

Keane Kulak, Regional Director for Sharetec System, comments, "During the selection process it was clear that Racine was looking for a system that could provide more self-service tools to their members such as mobile and a robust home banking platform but they needed it also to be affordable. We were excited to show them Sharetec and that it is able to meet all those needs. In talking to other credit unions that have used Sharetec for a long time and recently converted, it became clearer to Nicole and her team that we were the right partner to achieve their growth and member service goals.

Racine Municipal ECU is implementing a number of new solutions including Live EFT Processing, Integrated Credit Card Processing, Automated Daily and Monthly Processing and eNotices. All these services combined with numerous other new tools available to the credit union will enable them to recognize an actual return on investment (ROI) with the Sharetec System.