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2019 Sharetec Users Conference Workshops

Benefits of Cross-Selling
In this session attendees will learn about enhancing the relationship "Cross-Selling":

  • The value of a lifetime relationship with your member.

  • Staff incentive programs - Are they right for the credit union?

  • Using the credit report as a cross-selling menu.

Presenter: Tiffiny John, Lending Solutions Consulting, Inc.

Custom Financials
Wouldn’t it be nice to have financial reports with data specific to your credit union? You can with custom financials! In this class, attendees will learn to set up, run, and maintain custom financials in Sharetec. 
Presenter: Audra Schoenauer, Implementation Coordinator, BSDC

End of Day & End of Month Troubleshooting
End of Day and End of Month don’t have to mean it’s the end of the world. In this class, attendees will learn about the tools within Sharetec that can assist the Credit Union when GLs don’t balance.
Presenter: Lorry Bernier, Assistant Manager, Support Dept., NDS

Everything Credit Cards 
This class focuses on everything you need to know about system capabilities with batch credit cards! Attendees will learn about credit card uploads, downloads, single sign on, history and more.
Presenter: Audra Schoenauer, Implementation Coordinator, BSDC

Getting the Most Out of Sharetec’s e-Services
Sharetec offers many e-services, but are you using them to their fullest potential? In this class, attendees will learn ways to better utilize Sharetec’s e-Services.
Presenter: Heather Evans, Support Analyst, GBS

Hands-On Lab: Form Mapping 
First demonstrated at the 2018 Sharetec Users Conference, the Form Mapping Module makes its 2019 debut as the topic of the Hands-On Lab. Attendees will learn step-by-step how to map a form within Sharetec. Reserve your seat today using the conference mobile app!
Presenter: Heidi Herr, Conversion Analyst, BSDC

Increase Your Bottom Dollar
The bottom line is it’s all about your bottom dollar. Learn to increase credit union revenue through Easy Saver Round Up, Ultimate Checking, and Courtesy Pay. See how to make these Sharetec products work for you!
Presenter: Jay Malcolm, Credit Union Vertical Market, GBS/Sharetec

IT Tips and Troubleshooting
From troubleshooting peripherals to powering off servers, if you wear the IT hat at your credit union, then this class is for you. 
Presenter: Josh Bishir, System Administrator, BSDC

Understanding the Score Codes for More Loan Opportunities
Look beyond the credit score and build stronger member relationships. Join Lending Solutions Consulting, Inc. as they teach how to turn member relationships into profit.

  • Learn how to take an application by having a conversation and not sounding like an order taker.

  • Learn what all loan notes should include.

  • Be proactive and learn the questions Underwriters will have to avoid the ping-pong effect.

Presenter: Tiffiny John, Lending Solutions Consulting, Inc.

Results for Beginning and Intermediate Users
Do you find creating reports in Results intimidating? Perhaps you are new to Results or maybe you understand the basics. If so, then this workshop is for you! In this class attendees will learn to build a simple query and elaborate upon it. 
Presenter: Ted Hoover, Account Executive, BSDC

Sharetec's ACH Explorer Data Mining Tool
Have you ever wondered where else your members’ loan payments are going?  There is a lot of valuable data within Sharetec, you just need to know how to mine it!

Attend this session to discover a variety of methods to identify the data available through ACH.  The session will touch on the use of Progress Results, Quick Query and the new ACH Explorer Data Mining Tool, currently in development.

Now you can identify where your members are making payments to others, mark them, cross sell, even place banner ads on their home banking page!

Presenter: Joe Reis, Sharetec Regional Manager for New England and the Mid-Atlantic States

Sharetec Home and Mobile Banking
Sharetec’s Home and Mobile banking have received a makeover! In this class attendees will learn about the many new features that will have your membership smiling.
Presenter: Megan Skorick, Project Analyst, DSOT

But wait…There’s more!

Business Partner Sponsored Breakout Sessions

Allied Payment Network:
Bring WOW to Bill Pay and Power Up your Digital Banking Adoption
More and more consumers are abandoning their credit union’s bill pay site and paying their bills online at a biller’s website. The result is reduced member engagement, retention and potential income for your credit union. Give your members a reason to come back to your digital environment by offering emerging bill pay technology that meets consumer demand for state-of-the-art functionality and ensures adoption. This session reveals the state of the bill pay industry: what’s hot (real-time payments, photo pay, P2P that rivals Zelle and Venmo); what’s not (delivering anything less than a WOW experience); and the roadmap to distinguishing your credit union as a top-of-mind digital leader.
Presenter: Chris O’Brien, Vice President, Allied Payment Network, Inc.

Automated Transaction Delivery
Branch Transformation It's Not a Magic Box... It is a Businesss Strategy
Financial Institutions continue to struggle with the challenge of how to serve current and future consumers.  Developing a business strategy first then implementing the proper tools to enable your strategy is the logical approach to discovering your answer. Every Magic Box has its purpose but which of these boxes fit the results you are wanting to achieve? Join us to learn the strategies that have delivered the greatest results and the purpose for each tool that is available to enable your strategy successfully.
Presenter: Fred Wheeler, COO, Automated Transaction Delivery  

CPI Card Group/Card@Once:

Transforming Your Branches with Instant Issue
In this session attendees will receive a detailed review of the benefits and process to implement the Card@Once instance issue program at credit union branches.
Presenter: Russ Van Dyke, Strategic Accounts Manager, CPI Card Group

Epson/GBS Document Scanning Solutions
Join Epson America, Inc. to learn about document scanning solutions for the Credit Union market.
Presenter: Jeff Sandler, Northwood Consulting

How to Improve the User Experience on Your Website

Three out of every four people make assumptions about a business and its products and services based on the look of its website. 79% will leave for a competitor’s site if content isn’t organized and optimized well. What impression is your site, and its overall user experience, making? What can you do about it? In this presentation, we’ll discuss a variety of user experience principles and provide actionable tips and recommendations.
Presenter: Sid Haas, Vice President, Business Development, LKCS

Climbing to the Top of the Local Jungle
Technology has changed your members’ expectations, behaviors, and perceptions. Your credit union is facing fierce competition from all directions and struggling to reach the younger generations. Your greatest advantage is your local community roots. So how do you capitalize on that in today’s digital world? We’ll show you how to leverage affordable traditional and digital marketing tools to boost your local visibility and up your cool factor!
Presenter: Sid Haas, Vice President, Business Development, LKCS

MeridianLink and Sharetec:
Loan Applications From Anywhere
Do you want to compete and even beat your biggest competitors?  Imagine an member driven mobile first digital experience that allows a potential member to join your credit union and apply and get approved for a loan in 6 minutes or less.   Does this sound good to you? If so, join this session to learn the many ways Sharetec users can benefit from what MeridianLink has to offer. MeridianLink, one of the country’s leading financial services technology companies, offers a robust lending platform that helps increase credit union efficiency.
Presenters: Todd Proulx, MeridianLink, Inc. & Joel Porter, Quality Analyst, BSDC

REDi and Sharetec:
Card Fraud Prevention Through Member Engagement

Today we are faced with more fraud than ever before and the only way to truly identify a fraudulent transaction is customer verification. Therefore, minimizing the amount of time it takes to contact members is key. Join this session to learn how Sharetec and REDi have partnered together to help you keep your membership safe.
Presenters: John Paoloni, National Sales Manager, REDi; Rich Cook, Programming and Quality Manager, BSDC

Debit Cards: Now and the Future
Join this session to learn how to analyze the primary drivers of your debit card penetration, activation, usage, and revenue, enabling you to make more informed marketing decisions and increase your profitability.
Presenters: Audie Wienecke, Trish Gosnell, & Mike Hines, TransFund

Visible Equity:
How to Prepare for and Successfully Implement CECL (Session 1 of 2)
In this two-session series, we will present how to prepare for and successfully implement CECL. In Session 1, we will provide an overview of the key steps for implementing CECL. We will also cover in-depth topics on how to ready your data, how to segment your portfolio, and how to assess CECL loss methods. In Session 2, we will continue our discussion on key steps for implementing CECL. We will present in-depth topics on how Q&E adjustments apply, how to incorporate reasonable and supportable forecasts, how to prepare disclosures and key reports, and how to assess CECL's impact on your organization. These sessions are for anyone serving on a CECL committee and anyone else who wants to understand how to prepare for and successfully implement CECL.

*Session 1 Learning Objectives:*

1. How to successfully implement CECL.

2. How to properly ready your data and segment your portfolio.

3. How to assess CECL loss methods, including static pool, vintage, probability of default, and discounted cash flow.

*Session 2 Learning Objectives:*

1. How Q&E adjustments apply in CECL.

2. How to incorporate reasonable and supportable forecasts.

3. How to prepare disclosures and key reports.

4. How to assess CECL's impact on your organization.

Presenters: Valerie Jackson and Scott Blakelee

Wallit, Inc.

Carry Every Moment
Digital transformation: rewiring for a new, modern age
Join Mike Vien, CEO of Wallit as he discusses how Credit Unions can win in a mature, highly competitive and regulated industry that is struggling to keep pace with marketplace changes.  He'll talk about how Credit Unions can grow by redesigning their customer experiences around good “Money Moments” not financial products, why digital marketing and lead gen programs are more important than ever, the importance of focusing on engaging Millennial families with teens and tweens, and how to harness the power of mobile moments as the currency of acquisition, engagement, and growth.
Presenter: Mike Vien, CEO, Wallit, Inc.

Please note: Workshops and presenters are subject to change without notice.